Why You Should Choose To Study in Finland

Finland student visa is issued to enable international students visit Finland, stay and study up to 90 days. If your mission is to study in Finland, this visa is best for you. But if your study duration is above 90 days, you have to apply for a student residence permit.

The Finnish immigration body will grant you a student residence permit under one important condition. That you will return to Nigeria after the completion of your course of study in Finland.

Why You Should Study In Finland

Lively Community

Finland is relatively small in population, but it is a country with numerous parties of international communities. Therefore, you as an international student would find Finland very warming. The Finnish are very friendly and you will find living among them an exciting experience.

World-Class Education

Talking about quality education, Finland has a very good reputation.  Finland’s marvelous education system is talked about every now and then. And the country works really hard for its reputation. Finland was repeatedly ranked in the top five countries for PISA scores and it has been said that Finnish students borrow more books from the library more than any other countries in the world. Moreover, the University Of Helsinki (one of Finland’s finest) is ranked #56 in the latest Shanghai ranking.


Finland is one of the safest countries across the globe today. Apart from the occasional incidence of bear attacks, the streets of Finland are relatively safe. The Finland capital is the second safest city in the world, it has also been named the most livable city in the world. Crime rates are remarkably low outside the cities and the largest risk comes from wild animals.


English is universally spoken

Finland residents are very fluent in English. The country is one of the leading countries in the English Proficiency Speaking Countries and over 450 programs are offer in English in Finland’s universities. However, you must learn Finnish while studying in the country.

Students can get a job, even if they can’t speak Finnish Fluently

International students in Finland can easily get part-time jobs but it would be a little bit difficult to get professional job. Interestingly, lack of experience is the main reason why students may not get professional jobs. And not lack of fluency in Finnish.


The best way to apply for Finland student visa in Nigeria is to do so on time. The application requires interview with which the embassy determines the genuineness of your purpose of trip. The embassy of Finland is in Abuja and you pay directly to the embassy’s Standard Charted Account to process your visa application.



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