What You Need To Know About The International Student At Dayton University

Dayton University asks big questions and takes action in all realms of knowledge — the arts, sciences, religion, business, education, engineering and law. For the international student, Dayton offers a pathway for success that eases you into your new surroundings, culture, and educational experience.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

There are many reasons why students choose to study internationally at the University of Dayton. Consider the statistics below to learn more about the school’s city, academics and campus life.

Academics: Valued Traditions & Exciting Innovations

Love innovation and improving the world? So do we. UD was the first U.S. university to create an undergraduate program in human rights studies.

  • 1st Catholic university in the U.S. for sponsored engineering research.
  • $117+ million in research sponsorship.
  • 56th Best Engineering School.
  • TOP 50 ranking for U.S. “Colleges that create futures” for students.
  • 96% of students find success after graduation.
  • 15-TO-1 student-to-faculty ratio, for more personal attention from professors.


No matter which degree you pursue, you’ll be challenged to open yourself up to the world and learn from firsthand experience that will prepare you for a successful career — and life — after college. At the University of Dayton, international students can opt to participate in the UD Sinclair Academy, where you are given academic preparation to transfer to UD as an undergraduate. Sinclair College at UD offers international students tailored access to advising, student activities, and athletic events.

Whether it’s showing an employer an impressive resume or wowing admission counselors with your graduate school application, you’ll build the skills you need to stand out and make a difference.


Student Life: Friends, Fun & More

There’s always something to do at UD, from making friends with students from 60+ countries to exploring culture right on campus:

  • 8,000+ undergraduate students from around the U.S. and the world.
  • 2,475 graduate and law students from around the U.S. and the world.
  • 4th ranked school for “Students love these colleges.”
  • 270+ student clubs and organizations focused on academic interests, diversity, hobbies and more.
  • 8+ national awards for excellence in college dining since 2010.
  • 13 art and performance venues on campus.



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