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What You Need To Know About All Expense Paid Internships Abroad 2022

Are you unsure whether you should study or intern abroad? Why don’t you do both at once?

An internship abroad is a fantastic way to obtain real foreign experience while also distinguishing yourself from other students who have traveled overseas. However, for many students, giving up a full semester to go abroad for an internship (that may or may not give them enough college credit to equal a semester’s worth of coursework) does not sound ideal.

Which is why interning while studying abroad can be a great opportunity! You’ll have the chance to earn real-world professional experience and fill your resume, while you’re already abroad taking college classes.

Though it may seem nearly impossible or far too much work to take on, with the right tools, mindset, and resources, you’re sure to have a successful time studying and interning abroad.

What are some of the benefits of doing an internship, while studying abroad?

Although doing an internship alongside your studies may be a lot of hard work and require strong time management skills, it’ll definitely pay off in the long run. From gaining confidence and professional skills, to connecting you with industry experts from around the world, here are some of the top benefits of doing an internship, while studying abroad.



1. Gain confidence and professional skills

Interning even in a country you’re familiar with can be challenging, but overcoming barriers thousands of miles away is even tougher. After your internship experience, you’ll be sure to gain unique, transferrable skills like strong communication, adaptability, independence, and more.

2. Opportunity to earn even more credits: 

Chances are, your internship will allow you to earn credit towards your classes back home. That’ll definitely make your time abroad feel all the more worth it! Just double check with your university advisor.

3. Improve your language skills

While working directly in the field as an intern, it’s likely that you’ll have even more of a hands-on opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and converse in the country’s language. Plus, learning a foreign language can increase your chances of getting hired!

4. Form a global network of connections: 

As you study abroad, you’re sure to form lifelong friendships. But if you intern too, you’ll gain an even bigger network on top of the people you’ve met studying abroad, and meet professionals in your industry of interest.

How do I balance an internship and studying abroad?

Now that you know it’s possible to do both at the same time and where to find an internship, you may be wondering now, “well, how do I actually do an internship while studying abroad?”

We’ve got you covered! Knowing how to balance your internship with your studies will be essential during your time abroad.



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