What You Need To Get a UK Scholarship 2022

Studying in the U.k is a fantastic way to have access to some of the world’s greatest higher education. However, such high quality rarely comes cheap, and many overseas students require financial assistance to cover all or part of their studies and living expenses in the United Kingdom hence here are awesome things you need to know before applying for a scholarship.

Who’s eligible for scholarships?

You are! There are scholarships out there for everyone. Any program of study, any discipline, whatever your background or grades — there are awards for you.

Most awards will need a full application, but some will be labeled “automatic consideration,” so if you qualify, when you accept your offer of admission, you’ll get the award.

The criteria to qualify will vary — it’s not all about academics. If you take part in school or community activities, you might be eligible for awards. Same story if you have particular talents, hobbies, club affiliations… Think about your own unique qualities. They may be just what the scholarship administrators are looking for!

Do I need to meet all the requirements to be eligible?

Requirements for awards depend on the type of students scholarship admins are seeking. You should read the expectations carefully so you understand the award.


Certain criteria will be hard-and-fast. If an award is for a person of Aboriginal ancestry, and that’s not you, you’re out of luck.

Other criteria are more flexible. If an award is looking for someone who shows leadership in their community or has volunteer experience, you may at first feel like you haven’t clocked enough hours to qualify. Instead, you should think about any experience you do have, reflect on the lessons you learned along the way, and apply. Leave it to the admins to decide what’s enough.

What do I need for scholarships with automatic consideration?

The conditions vary by school. When you apply for admission, you’ll be added to the list for any automatic consideration awards that you qualify for.

You can reach out to the school’s financial aid or student awards department to get up-to-date information if you need it.

Are scholarships with automatic consideration given in my acceptance letter from a school?

Yes, you’ll be notified in your acceptance letter which automatic scholarships you qualify for. If there are any changes to your eligibility or additional scholarships, you may be notified again later.

Will my grade 12 average affect my applications?

Your grades, in grade 12 or otherwise, are only relevant for scholarships that explicitly say so. Listings on ScholarshipsCanada clearly list the requirements, so if the academic average isn’t there, you have nothing to worry about!

Will scholarship administrators look at my grade 11 and 12 grades?

Typically, if the admins care about your average at all, they’ll be looking at your marks in grade 12. If you’re applying early (and you should be!) then you may not know your final grades. No problem — so long as you meet the minimum requirements, you’re eligible.

Scholarships based on “automatic consideration” may be interested in your grade 11 scores to get a sense of your overall performance. You may even be offered a conditional scholarship — which you’ll receive in full if you continue to qualify. Read the documents you’re sent carefully, so you know what you’re up against.



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