What business can i start with 50k in 2022 ( The Best Top 10 )

Is 50k your budget and you are looking for a business to start and you are also asking yourself, what business can i start with 50k?

Then you have come to the right place because in this article, we will be listing the best and top 10 businesses you can start in Nigeria with just 50k or less.

As we know, starting a business today in Nigeria requires a lot of capital especially starting a business that involves renting a shop.

But then there are still some businesses you can start and the only capital you need will be just 50k which is 50 thousand Naira.

However, you might also be interested in finding out some of the businesses with daily income, then you can check it out.


Below are the 10 businesses you can start with 50k, make a choice, invest and start enjoying profits

Business of printing recharge cards:

In Nigeria, millions of individuals utilize recharge cards of various values.

The profit per unit voucher may appear small, but when you consider how often people use it (i.e. the volume),

the small profit quickly adds up to a large profit. You may start this business with as little as N50,000, N100,000,

or N500,000.

Production of fish:

If you don’t have the funds to purchase a fish pond, raising fingerlings and selling them to others who do have the funds to own and operate a fish pond is another solid method to earn money in the Fishery industry.

You may start this company in your backyard with a N50,000 investment in additional supplies to shelter and feed the fingerlings before selling them out.

Saloon for hair and barbering:

Everyone is concerned about their appearance and will go to the salon to get a great hairstyle or haircut.

Owning a barbershop or a hair salon may be a successful business.

All you need are the required abilities to get started. Depending on your area, you may start this business with as low as N50,000.

The cost of renting a saloon store varies depending on the area.

Business of popcorn:

This is also a fantastic company to start for as little as 50k naira or less, depending on your financial resources.

You must find a decent site for your popcorn business when it first begins.

Examine the region where you wish to launch your popcorn company and pick a good location.

The popcorn production machine, the maze, butter sweetener, package nylon, and a sealer, as the case may be, are the major components you’ll need to start a popcorn business.

You can operate more than one location if you have enough money, which implies you can hire someone to run additional spots for you.

Farming on a Small Scale

If you reside in an area with plenty of good farmland, you should consider starting a small-scale farming operation.

Look for suitable acreage to lease, determine what crops to grow, then hire laborers to clear and till the land.

After planting, keep an eye on the farm to see when it’s time to weed it and when your crops are ready to harvest.

Take a look at the most profitable agricultural company you can start right now and make money.

Thrift Stores

Another excellent example of a company that you can start in Nigeria with 50k or less is a secondhand store.

In Nigeria, you may start this company with as little as 20,000 Naira. Here’s how to go about doing it:

Visit a used clothing market in Abule-Egba, Lagos, such as Yaba or Supa Market.

Make contact with the market’s used clothing vendors and choose some of their nicest products.

When you return home, package the garments and begin selling to your target demographic.

There are a lot of nice garments that you can buy for 500 Naira and resale for 1,000 Naira or 1,500 Naira at such marketplaces.

It’s a fantastic business to think about starting.

Noodle Shop

In many places of Nigeria, starting a noodle stall is a viable business.

A gas or kerosene stove, seating for clients to sit and eat, and, most importantly, a busy area is all you need to start this company.

A dish of noodles and eggs costs around 350 Naira at most noodle stalls.

Two packets of noodles and one egg make up a typical noodle dish.

An egg costs 50 Naira while a box of small-sized noodles costs 60-70 Naira.

When you include in other expenditures like kerosine or gas, you may earn a tidy profit of 100 Naira on just one plate of noodles at a cost of 190 Naira.

The following is a rough estimate of how much it costs to open a noodle stand.

Business of Mini-Importation

Another business concept in Nigeria that you may start with 50k or less is mini-importation.

The key to making a decent profit with mini-importation is to understand the industry.

The goal is to opt for something light so that cleansing isn’t too expensive.

When you acquire these commodities from sites like Alibaba and Aliexpress, e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji are great places to sell them rapidly.

Accessories for mobile sales:

This is also a successful and profitable company. Many mobile phone users may wish to purchase a mobile phone accessory to help and improve their phone usage. With 50k, you can get started on a small scale.

Perfumery sales

Cosmetics, particularly for women, are something that is consumed on a regular basis.

Cosmetics sales are a lucrative company that may be launched with as little as $50,000.



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