Tips For Saving Money During College

The idea of the “broke college student” is ingrained in our society. So much so that some students wear it as a badge of honor, boasting about how they only eat instant noodles to survive. While we believe in being frugal and resourceful, we believe the stereotype of the “broke student” is limiting.

You don’t have to be bankrupt just because you’re a college student. As a student, you can earn money in a variety of ways that go far beyond the classic student employment of delivering pizza and working in fast food as most colleges that appear more affordable are public institutions that receive their funding from state and city governments.

The reason private colleges may seem more expensive is that the state government does not fund them. However, a few private colleges have made low-cost education a part of their mission and usually have more funding for grants and scholarships for student that are training themselves. This significantly reduces the advertised sticker price.

Why should college affordable?

Making college affordable for more students can potentially increase access and lower barriers to completion, which could help close the projected degree gap by 2030, and at the same time promote more equitable access to and success in college

Tips for Saving Money During College

While getting a college degree is undoubtedly a hefty expense for any student, there are some steps you can take to make your education more affordable.


1. Cash in Your Student Discounts

Lots of restaurants and businesses offer discounts for students who can provide proof of enrollment. If you are shopping online, you can often take advantage of these deals by providing a university email address. In brick and mortar stores, you can present your school ID. 

2. Look for Secondhand or Digital Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive but necessary for your education. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay full price for your copy; you may find an alum in the area selling secondhand textbooks at a discounted price. Some online retailers charge less, and e-books are quickly becoming the norm. Even better, you can often check out textbooks from the library completely free.

3. Increase Your Credit Load

You can take a heavier course load so that you can graduate earlier. This may not reduce your tuition fees, but you will spend less on room and board, and you can graduate and start earning earlier.

4. Be a Research Assistant

If working with students isn’t your style, but you still want to work with a professor, then a research assistant could be the perfect job for you. Your duties as a research assistant will vary depending on the department and the professor you’re working for.

If you’re working in a science position, your duties might include performing or monitoring experiments, preparing and cleaning equipment, or collecting samples.

On the humanities side, you might do anything from scanning pages from a book to transcribing recorded interviews for use in an essay


Figuring out how to pay for college can be tough. Keep in mind that your degree doesn’t need to drain you completely; there are plenty of steps you can take to remain comfortable while studying — finding a cheap college is just one of them!



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