The Imperial Bursary For International Students

The Imperial Bursary is one of the most substantial bursary systems in the UK, and it assists Home students with the costs of studying in London.
You can spend the money on whatever you choose, whether it’s food, lodging, or anything else.
Bursaries and scholarships are other sources of financial assistance that, unlike student loans, do not need repayment.

Bursaries can be awarded for a variety of reasons, not just academic performance. While scholarships are offered based on achievement (academic, athletic, music), bursaries can be provided for a variety of reasons, not just academic performance. As a result, it’s worthwhile to investigate what you might be eligible for.


The Imperial Bursary is paid on top of any government funding you’re eligible for and is money you never have to pay back.

Up to £5,000 per year

The Imperial Bursary provides up to £5,000 per year, depending on your household income.

Based on household income

Qualify for a bursary every year, as long as your household income remains below £60,000.


How To Apply

There is no separate application form or process.

To be considered for an Imperial Bursary you must apply for a means-tested government loan from your regional funding body (even if you do not intend to take out this loan or any other government loans), e.g. a Maintenance Loan from Student Finance England for students from England.

With your consent, this information is shared with us and we use it to assess your eligibility.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is responsible for paying grants and loans on behalf of the Government after you’ve applied through your regional funding body. 

Once SLC confirms your funding entitlement, we will email you to confirm the bursary amount that you will receive from Imperial, normally after A-level results day.


We must receive your household income information from your regional funding body (which pays the loans) by 31 May after the start of the academic year, e.g. 31 May 2023 for students starting at the College in October 2022.

We encourage you to submit your application for funding as soon as possible so we can confirm what support you will be eligible for.



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