The 10 Fastest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The easiest degree to get online depends on what you consider to be easy. Since easy is a subject term, we wrote an entire article about the easiest degrees based on the average GPA of students majoring in those subjects

Colleges Offering Fast Degree Courses

The following accredited online colleges offer fast online degree courses ranging from 5 weeks to 8 weeks long. By using a combination of fast online courses, credit for prior learning, and credit by exam, you can earn your degree more quickly and spend less time sitting in class.

Online legal studies degrees can help you get into a number of different legal fields, depending on the track and specialization that you choose. For example, there are paralegals and criminal justice majors who tailor their legal studies program towards their careers.

Fast degrees in legal studies typically require 120 credits with your core curriculum comprising of different government studies, policies, cases, ethics, torts, and business laws. Most law schools look for excellent marks in your undergraduate degree studies, so if you’ve got your eye on law school, it’s important to keep your GPA over 3.0.

Liberal Arts Degrees Online

For those who want to go into political science, teaching, psychology, and other scientific studies, liberal arts degrees may be a good option. Students with a wide variety of interests can excel in an online liberal arts program. It allows you to study art, philosophy, theory, history, literature, and more.


Students can use their online degree fast to go into an administrative position, but typically, students will need to complete a master’s or certificate program to get into a better position with a good salary.

Much of the courses in liberal arts degrees revolve around writing fiction, studying different cultures, sociology, anthropology, and arts-based courses. While all programs are different, you can expect to take 120 credits in these courses.

Management Degrees Online

Want to get ahead fast in your current position? Business management degrees focus on building your leadership and improving your skills in communication, as well as project management and human resources.

There are a number of managerial degrees, so it’s important to pick the one that will take you to the career you want fast. For example, you can use this degree to become a department manager, operations analyst, sales manager, and so forth.

Most of these programs require 120 credits and take you through business law, marketing, project leadership, employment law, and international business coursework.

Marketing Degrees Online

Online marketing programs combine creative writing, sociology, theory, public relations, social media strategy, communications, and business in a rather unique way. New technology is also helping marketers use digital tools to create incredible opportunities for advertising.

While marketing majors have to be strategic and creative, many of these fast degrees revolve around communications. Being an effective speaker is important to pursue a position in marketing or public relations.

Many schools offering this degree focus on communities, philosophy, business strategy, digital marketing technology, marketing development, and economics as well as business laws regarding infringement. Fast degree programs are rigorous, but can pay off in the end.

The top online programs in marketing will set you up to work in the business field as a digital marketing manager, marketing executive, digital strategist, marketing analyst, advertising specialist, or copywriting for marketing. Marketers typically start out earning $40,000 a year, but the highest earners are over $100,000 per year.

Nursing Degrees Online

For those who want to take your current RN credential to the next level, an RN to BSN might be a good choice. Fast college degrees can be rigorous and difficult for those who are not a fan of chemistry, anatomy, biology, and other sciences, but it’s worth it if you want to advance in the medical field.

In addition, new technology in nursing has made it necessary for new courses and specializations, which could increase your salary potential. Health care delivery platforms and other data analysis are also going to be important to help medical offices and hospitals use new technology correctly.

If you want to get into a higher managerial position or even become a director, then earnings are around $75,000 a year.

Nutrition Degrees Online

Nutrition degrees help students learn about different diets and human health problems related to what they eat.

Most nutritionists take courses in food science, human anatomy, and other medical courses related to human diseases such as obesity. There are a number of careers in this field, but most graduates will go on to careers as dietitians.

Students will take fast courses in nutrition science, human biology, physiology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. The highest paid earners pursue master’s degrees or medical degrees as well.

Psychology Degrees Online

Psychology degree programs provide students with a knowledge of sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and psychology theories. Students will understand different neuropsychology theories, developmental psychology, and behavioral sciences.

These fast degree programs are mainly designed to prepare you for graduate psychology programs or medical school. Other options include going into criminal justice fields, social work, or counseling.

Public Administration Degrees Online

A public administration degree may be a great choice for those who want to go into policymaking, political leadership, city management, and human resources.

Fast degrees online in public administration teach students to help people in various professional situations as a leader and manager. Policy analysis, ethical leadership, ethics, and legal studies help these graduates work in government positions at local, state, and the federal government.

For these programs, you’ll be expected to take coursework in policy, community development, ethics of public service, administrative law, finance, and project leadership.

Fast online degrees in public administration prepare you for nonprofit, business, and human resources. Your specialization depends on the track and courses you select. It’s important that you have organizational skills, excellent communication, and a desire for legal knowledge to be successful.

Human Services Degrees Online

Online human service degrees mainly center around social work and community services, such as administrative roles and criminal justice positions.

Social work is one of the 10 majors that can help change the world, and many in this field take on these roles because they want to make the world better. The curriculum focuses on ethics, research, and theory.

Students are able to specialize in social and community advocacy, including global health services, public health needs, criminal justice, intervention, and family guidance.

These fast online degree programs also can be used to go into many other fields of study at the graduate level, including healthcare, psychology, political leadership, education, and law.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an increase by 2020 for jobs in social work. These services are also necessary to help the aging population in America, as well as a new rise in drug addiction treatment needs.

The average salary for human service graduates ranges from $33,000 to start up to $82,000 for administrators in medical offices and nursing homes.

Information Technology Degrees Online

The IT field is quickly expanding. While it used to be a role for network administrators and computer engineers, it now includes web developers and even web designers.

The information technology field is quite broad, so it’s important to pick a specific online degree that is perfect for your interests. For example, if you’re interested in programming, then you would want to select software development or a programming specialization.

You can also go into a STEM field rather quickly using an information technology degree. The most popular jobs include network and computer systems administrators, computer network specialists, data analysts, database administrators, and cybersecurity specialists.

The average salary for someone in IT is $80,000 per year. While tech jobs are expected to grow fast, you should pay close attention to new technologies and look for internships that help you learn in real situations, too.



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