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Study Opportunities In Europe For International Students

Studying in Europe more popular than ever – International students continue to seek out study opportunities in Europe. The numbers of international students worldwide are on the rise – and Europe continues to be one of the top destinations. Read below why this is the case and how you may take advantage of the high-quality education offered at European universities.

Erasmus Mundus – Quality, Diversity and Opportunity

Imagine you would be able to benefit from the best education Europe has to offer, getting to know the diversity of different European cultures at first-hand while studying with fellow students from all over the world. This is what the Erasmus Mundus Programme is all about.

Funded by the European Commission, the Erasmus Mundus programme provides you with a world-class education at some of the best European universities – either on Master’s or Doctorate level. Erasmus Mundus that means also studying at several European Universities in different European countries – all at the same time and within the same degree programme!

To allow you to make the most of such an intense and exciting time, many Erasmus Mundus Master’s and Doctorate programmes offer substantial scholarships. Like this, you do not need to worry about the financial side of your education but may focus entirely on your studies. Read more about Erasmus Mundus on the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association.

Wide variety of choices – in local and English languages

Apart from the Erasmus Mundus programmes, there are many more programmes offered at the currently well above 4,000 Universities in Europe. And unlike you may think the number of studies offered in English is increasing steadily. Did you, for instance, know that nowadays, besides in the UK and Ireland, almost every European country offers education in English?


A total of more than 28,000 English-taught programmes to allow you to study in almost all European countries, from A like Austria – over G like Germany to U like Ukraine without knowing the local language. Websites like help you to better understand and evaluate all you available options and thus to make the right decision – while saving you a lot of time and money.

Top destinations for international students

When selecting your destination, make sure you do not only consider those countries you have already heard about. Have a look at the broader picture: Europe truly is a diverse continent full of opportunities – and that also counts for higher education.

Did you, for instance, know that tuition fees e.g. in Germany are still rather low? Or that Slovenia is the country with the highest student satisfaction, or that the Netherlands provides the most degrees in the English language in continental Europe? So it is very worthwhile to think bigger and not to exclude any of the options available upfront and based on misconceptions.

Funding your education in Europe

Probably it will not come as a surprise, but one of the main barriers to mobility is the lack of funding available. But did you know that at the same time there are 16 billion Euro worth of scholarships available to support international students in their ambition to study abroad?! These scholarships are of course difficult to identify – unless you know where to find them.

The website has been developed with the support of the European Union and allows you to find your perfect scholarship. Moreover, even though these are becoming rare exceptions, in some countries/programmes you may still enrol for a marginal cost only – or even entirely for free, e.g Germany.

Growing amount of distance and online degrees

Of course, besides the financial issues, visa issues are always a big challenge for anyone considering to study abroad. But what if you could actually enrol in a European university without the need of obtaining a visa at all? And what if you would even be able to stay in your home country but still obtain a degree or certificate from a European institution?! This is one of the many advantages of online and distance education.

A rather young and rapidly evolving form of higher education that truly opens access to higher education on a global level for the first time. To further promote this innovative way of studying a new website has recently been launched by the Commissioner for education and culture.



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