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Study Abroad Internships Summer 2022

Interning abroad is a great way to build your resume while experiencing a new part of the world. Beyond the growth that comes from travel, you’ll also gain valuable skills like improved communication, new language practice, and insights into a new culture, which you wouldn’t be able to acquire with an internship in your home country. International experience in today’s economy will also set you apart in the candidate pool when applying for jobs later, so it’s no wonder why many people pursue professional development opportunities abroad.

Tips For Finding Scholarships To Intern Abroad

While less common than study abroad scholarships, there are a plethora of funding opportunities for internships abroad if you know where to look. Maximize your chances of finding funding by taking time to review the qualification requirements thoroughly and by submitting a polished application.

Here are tips for finding internship scholarships and financial support for which you qualify:

1. Intern for university credit

If you’re currently enrolled full-time in university, you’re likely able to receive credit for your internship abroad. Universities love when their students gain international experience, and more institutions in higher education are starting to view international internships in the same way that they view study abroad programs.

Even better, if you intern abroad with a program provider partnered with your university, you can put your FAFSA scholarships and grants for university towards a semester interning abroad. Consult your study abroad office, career center, and academic advisor for more information about your eligibility to receive credit.


2. Ask about need-based funding

The chances are that if you receive income-based financial assistance at your university, you’ll also be eligible for support on your program fee. Most Pell Grant recipients in the US, Youth Allowance recipients in Australia, Maintenance loan recipients in the UK, and Canadian Grant recipients in Canada can receive need-based scholarships from their program provider. In most cases, this discount can be up to $500.

When applying for international internship programs, don’t be afraid to ask your program provider about the availability and eligibility for receiving program discounts or need-based scholarships.

3. Talk to the language departments at your university

If you’re already studying a language at university, don’t be afraid to ask your professors and department heads about scholarship resources.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to embrace it entirely by putting yourself in a native setting. If you find an immersive internship program abroad that will enable you to put your language studies to use, there’s a chance the department might help you find funding for it.

4. Consult your academic advisor

Each university has different scholarships, grants, and professional opportunities. Your academic advisors are the key to learning more about departmental scholarships at your particular university.

Apart from career field and department scholarships, your academic advisor may be able to help you find other scholarships you qualify for, such as for first-generation, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ students. To learn more about the opportunities at your university, set up a one-on-one meeting with your advisor.

5. Country and region-specific scholarships

If you know where you want to go on your internship, then take the time to look through scholarships that your country or region may provide. Countries like Germany and Japan strive to grow internationalism in their universities and workforce and frequently help fund students or young workers to come and work in their industries.


Apply to as many opportunities as possible to maximize your chances of obtaining an award. Who knows, maybe you’ll be awarded many scholarships to help support your internship overseas! Beyond the list provided, there are many other types of financial aid that can be used to fund an internship abroad, so keep your eyes peeled and apply, even if it seems like a long shot!



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