Scholarships For Female Graduate Students UK

In this day and age, you might be surprised to find out that there are a number of high-paying scholarships which are just open to women. This is because they are trying to encourage more women to study specific subjects (particularly STEM subjects) where women are still underrepresented, or to help women overcome specific barriers.

Here is a selection of some scholarships just for women. Even though you will see that for a few of these the deadline for this year has passed, they will most likely be offered again next year, so do take note if you are eligible.

Scholarships For Black Female Students uk

1. Diamond Education Grant

Soroptimist International GB & Ireland offers Diamond Education Grants to women to update their skills after breaks from employment, or to acquire new skills. Grants are made towards course fees or books and equipment, not towards living expenses.

2. Fund for Women Graduates

The Fund for Women Graduates is an educational charity whose objective is to promote the higher education and wider learning of women graduates. We do this by awarding grants to assist with the living expenses of women postgraduate students, typically in the final year of work towards a Ph.D. or equivalent degree.

3. Futures for Women

The Society was founded to encourage women towards economic independence through employment. It offers interest-free loans of around £1,000 towards the cost of training for professional, commercial or technical work. Loans are repaid by monthly installments.


4. Hilda Martindale Educational Trust

Provides a limited number of awards to British women who are training or studying for a career in a profession where women are under-represented. The maximum award is £3,000.

5. The Yorkshire Ladies’ Council of Education (YLCE) Educational Awards Fund

Established in 1889, the Educational Awards Fund offers sums between £200 and £400 for women in British educational institutions to be paid directly towards their fees. To be eligible you must a female British citizen, aged 21 years or older, who cannot qualify for a student loan and who needs help with course fees.



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