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Required Documents to Apply for Austria Student Visa in Nigeria

You need to apply for Austria student visa in Nigeria to enable you to study in the country. Austria is a winter sports capital of Europe that is particularly popular among summer tourists. It is also an important destination for foreigners looking to study in Europe. Many Nigerian students have traveled to Austria to study and so can you. Learn how to apply for Austria student visa in Nigeria to do this.

Austria may be relatively small, but it offers many reasons you will need to study in the country. Her universities rank very highly in the world. These universities are divided into two semesters which are the winter and summer sessions. Their academic year starts around October and ends around September the next year. Meanwhile, Austria also offers one of the best standards of living in the world.

What is Austria Student Visa in Nigeria?

A Nigerian with the intention of studying in Austria will need to get a visa or a resident permit. The visa needed is the visa type D which is a non-immigrant visa for individuals with the intention of studying in an Austria institution. It is meant for a short period of six months while you will need to get a student residence permit alongside the student visa if you intend to stay for a longer period of time. It is issued by the Austrian authorities. Austrian visa application can be very easy when you take the right steps.

Who Can Apply for Austria Student Visa in Nigeria?

You have the freedom to apply for Austria student visa as long as you meet the requirements. Unlike countries that have signed and implemented the European Union treaty and enjoy borderless relationship with Austria, Nigeria does not.

A citizen of a Schengen state does not have to apply for visa before visiting Austria. All Schengen states are situated in Europe. But, you should know that not all EU members have signed the Schengen treat and not all members of the European Union are members of Schengen. This implies that there may not be immigration checks but there may be spot customs checks.


What are the Required Documents to Apply for Austria Student Visa in Nigeria?

To get Austria student visa in Nigeria can be equally easy and difficult. It depends on how informed you are and how you are able to use the information you get.

There are different documents that are required of you before you apply for any visa to Austria depending on the purpose of the travel. The following are documents that you are required to get in order to apply for Austria student visa:

– Photograph: you will need to get two recent color photographs that show your full face. You must ensure that the photographs are clear with a plain background and with a dimension of 35-40mm.

 months of your stay. The passport should also have a minimum of two pages of blank spaces for the visa.

– Admission Letter/Proof of Admission from an Austrian Institution: Your admission letter should come from the school which offers you admission. This will help to confirm your admission status.

– Cover Letter/Motivation Letter: This bears your motive for studying in an Austrian institution and your plans after your study period. The letter gives you a chance to convince the Austrian immigration authorities that they can trust you with their student visa.

– Proofs: Note that you will be asked to present proof of sufficient funds in your account. This will be helpful for a scholarship grant. The bank statement or a cheque will be issued by your bank. You can also present that of your parent in case you do not have anyone. In some cases, you may be asked to show proof of grant or tuition payment which has covered school fees for intending students of their country.

– Proof of health insurance: You will also be made to show proof of health insurance. The health insurance should cover the period of time you wish to stay in Austria.

– Certificates: You will also show certificates that show you have not committed any offense. This certificate can be gotten from the police station. It is also called Police report.

– Proof of flight reservation: This document shows the name of an airline and your PNR (Passenger Name Record). It carries your time of departure from Nigeria and arrival in Austria. Your flight reservation must be genuine and verifiable.

– Proof of accommodation: You will also need to tender a proof of accommodation. This is usually a confirmation from an Austrian hotel stating your duration of temporary stay. 



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