President’s Undergraduate Scholarships 2022

The President’s Undergraduate Scholarships are one of the most prestigious awards the College has to Offer holders will be notified on UCAS by March 2022 if they have been awarded a President’s Undergraduate Scholarships.

They are designed to reward students of any nationality who demonstrate the highest academic excellence and potential.

  • There are up to 112 President’s Undergraduate Scholarships available for students starting their studies in 2022-23.
  • Each President’s scholar will receive £1,000 for each undergraduate year of study (for a maximum of four years).
  • The money does not have to be repaid.
  • Scholars will be invited to apply to the Presidents Ambassadors scheme.

The scholarships are funded entirely by philanthropic donations from generous alumni and supporters of the College.

Terms and conditions

Important terms and conditions apply to the President’s Undergraduate Scholarships. 

Read these in full.


How do I apply?

There is no formal application process or separate application form for the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship scheme – academic departments are responsible for nominating scholarship recipients as part of the admission process. 

The scholarships are funded entirely by philanthropic donations from generous alumni and supporters of the College.

Your prospective department will use your UCAS application, references and any entry tests or interviews associated with your department to assess your academic merit and potential.

All first-time undergraduate applicants, of any nationality, must have received an offer for the academic year 2022-23 by Thursday, 31 March 2022 to be considered for these awards. Graduate Entry Medicine students are not eligible.

Recipients of these awards might find reference to these scholarships as part of their admissions offer via UCAS Track. You will then receive a separate communication from Imperial’s Student Financial Support team.

If we think you may be eligible to be considered for this award, you will receive an email with more information about the scholarship after you have applied.

If you do not wish to be considered for this scholarship, please contact us and let us know. Make sure you include the name of the scholarship and your College Identifier (CID) number – you can find this on your application acknowledgement email from the College.

*If you are required to repeat any academic year, the scholarship payments will stop and will not be paid for the remainder of your course.



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