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Paid Internships Abroad For Recent Graduates

As you may be aware, living abroad may be extremely costly. Adding to an ever-growing pile of student loans isn’t always an option for students who already have a mountain of debt. So, what should you do if this is the case?

Looking for a paid foreign internship could make money a non-issue for you. These opportunities are somewhat uncommon, yet they do exist. Many internships now pay nearly as much as a full-time entry-level position. Others will cover all of your expenditures, including travel, rent, commute fees, and living costs, in addition to offering you a full wage.

Where to get a paid internship abroad?

1. Capital Placement

Capital Placement takes the sting out of your internship search by doing all the legwork for you. Our company has partnered up with over 1500 companies across 30 industries globally to provide internship programs for students and recent graduates.

You can sign up with Capital Placement if you want an internship that matches your current skillset and planned career path, regardless of what it may be. Depending on your preference, Our company can match you with multinational corporations, startups, or small companies.

2. Enternships

Enternships have placed over 45,000 candidates from the best universities since 2009. This type of company specializes in placing students in business development and marketing-related roles, though you should be able to find internships in any field with them.


All the internships posted on Enternships comply with National Minimum Wage legislation. In other words, you should be able to find at least a partially-funded internship there. Enternships act as a middle man of sorts between you and the company, so you won’t get a great deal of personalized assistance from them. 

3. Work In Startups

Starting your career in a startup can be incredibly fulfilling and enormously challenging at the same time. Work In Startups is a full-blown job search portal, but it also lists jobs for interns. It has been active since 2011 and has a good reputation in the market.

At the time of writing, the company lists several thousand open internship positions. They have ties with top startups like Amazon Web Services and Uber VU. Many of the internships are paid. Note that since the site is essentially a job board, you’ll have to find your perfect internship by yourself.   

4. eFinancialCareers

eFinancialCareers is a niche site if you’re in a finance-related field. They don’t put up a lot of open internships – usually only a few dozen – but the ones they do are worth a look-see. At the moment, the eFinancialCareers portal is the world’s leading financial services career website.

These days, many of the top financial organizations and investment banks require you to complete an internship with them before you can sign on for a full-time role. Therefore, You can sign up for an internship while studying. 

If you impress the company, they will offer financial support for the remainder of your study time. All-expenses paid internships for the best performers are also common.

5. TARGETjobs

The TARGETjobs portal is used by over 170,000 new students each year, many of which come from the top 30 universities. This portal is a good place to find internships and graduate jobs and schemes. A large number of internships on offer are paid. 

Multinationals based in the UK favor finding skilled talent on TARGETjobs. They usually offer attractive internship packages to current students as well as recent graduates. Therefore, You’ll find internships in fields like medical, engineering, law, education, and public service.  

6. Erasmus Intern

ErasmusIntern is a non-profit organization based in Belgium. The company offers placement services to over 180,000 students annually. If you’re looking to find an internship abroad in Europe, this is an excellent place to start your search.


Always keep the future in mind when making decisions. Look for paid internships overseas that will help you advance your profession and teach you something useful. Prioritize internships or full-time job possibilities that will provide you with excellent references.

You could try to get an all-expenses-paid internship, but that may not be possible. Often, it’s wise to settle for an arrangement that covers your living expenses while also advancing your career. Before enrolling in either course, do your homework.



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