Overview on Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree

an accelerated degree simply means that you will pursue your college degree at a faster pace than the norm. These degrees are designed for working adults or adults who never had or wanted the chance to attend college in a more traditional format.

For example, instead of attending a college or university for four to six years, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your accelerated bachelor’s degree from start to finish in as little as two to three years. That’s half the time!

Advantages of Accelerated Degree

ne of the primary advantages of an accelerated college degree format is that you can finish your degree much faster than if you were to attend a traditional on-campus program. This will get you into the job market with your new degree faster.

Another advantage of this format is the cost. Many online degrees cost less than on-campus programs. There are also more options for earning credit for work or training you’ve done in the past.

At a typical college or university, you can usually own earn credit for exams you took at the high school level, since most students are coming straight from graduating high school. With an accelerated program, however, you can earn credit for what you’ve done between graduating high school and where you are now. Going to school with other adults similar in age is another advantage.


If you’re a bit older and feel “too old” to sit in a classroom with college-age kids, you won’t have that experience in an accelerated program. In fact, many programs require applicants to be of a certain age (23 is a common age minimum), so you’ll connect with classmates who are similar in age and life experience as you.

What Are the Advantages of an Online Format?

So many students are choosing to take classes and complete full degrees online because online classes are of the same quality as on-campus classes. The Babson Survey Research Group reports that 74% of professors and instructors rate online courses as equal to or better than on-campus classes.

Online classes are becoming the norm. Over seven million students in higher education took at least one online course last year, according to the Babson Survey Research Group.

If you’re hoping to take easy classes that require little to no effort, you may need to look elsewhere. Getting a college degree takes effort and commitment, regardless of if you choose an online or on-campus format. Rigorous online courses that live up to on-campus course expectations and beyond are advantageous to you as the student since you’ll be well trained and prepared in your chosen major and field.

The more logistical advantages of an online format include saving time since you don’t need to commute anywhere. You can also be flexible with when you complete course work, really making it work for your schedule. If you were to attend night school at a local college or university, for example, it might take you up to 10 years to complete your degree.

For most, that is inconvenient and off-putting. Online classes and programs, and especially accelerated ones, allow you to complete many more credit hours since you can do the work at home and on your own schedule.

How Do I Know Which Program to Choose?

Many colleges and universities offer accelerated college degrees, so the choices are vast. Since you’re choosing an online platform, you aren’t restricted by geography. Because of this, aim for the top schools in your field that offer accelerated degrees. Look for schools that are ranked, have a long history of offering quality education, and are nationally and regionally accredited.

Also, choose programs that offer exactly what you want to major in rather than a closely related subject. For example, if you want to major in Education with a specialization in special education at the early childhood level, choose a program that offers that specific area. Since your choices are almost endless when choosing an online program, there’s no reason to settle like you may have had to do if you had chosen an on-campus program.

Have you always had dreams of attending an Ivy League school, but it was never feasible? You may be able to now since many of those top-ranked schools are offering online and accelerated college degrees.



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