Online Degree With Scholarship For International Students

Yes, you can obtain your bachelor’s degree entirely online. In the late 1990s, public and private nonprofit schools began providing virtual courses, but for years, many individuals connected elearning with for-profit universities. For undergraduate students, recognized online degree programs are now available from a wide range of charity and for-profit universities.

Students may choose to enroll in hybrid programs, in which part of their classes are virtual and others are delivered online. Others may choose to enroll in programs that are only available online. The degree’s ability to be completed totally online is determined by the program.

In-person requirements are common in some majors, such as nursing. Internship programs in the student’s locality, on-campus seminars or intensive workshops with a student’s batch, or lab hours at a college are examples of these opportunities.

1. Trident Learning Community

Trident at AIU offers 27 online Bachelor of Science degree programs. Students can choose to focus on Computer Science, Health Administration, Health Sciences, Business Administration, Homeland Security, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, or Leadership. All online bachelor’s degrees at this institution require 120 credit hours. The time it takes to complete the program will vary based on the student’s pace.

This institution uses its own learning management platform accessed through the Trident Learning Community Portal. Students can move through courses on their own schedule, as programs are designed to be asynchronous. Online classes emphasize real-world applications. Students can apply for financial aid to lower their cost of attendance. Discounts are also available to military families, and some students may qualify to receive credit for prior learning. 


2. National University

Students at National University can choose from 69 online bachelor’s degree programs. The types of degrees available include a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science. Students can pursue undergraduate studies in Management, Information Systems, Accountancy, English, Spanish, Sociology, and more. These programs typically require at least 180 quarter units to complete.

National University uses Blackboard to facilitate online learning. Students enrolled in online courses will listen to lectures, complete projects, and engage in discussions with peers. Students can lower the cost of tuition with federal aid and scholarships.

3. University of Bridgeport

A total of 11 online bachelor’s degree programs are available at the University of Bridgeport. All of the degrees available at this institution are categorized as Bachelor of Science degrees. Some of the concentrations available to students include Professional Studies, General Studies, Dental Hygiene, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Psychology and Nursing. These programs usually require students to earn at least 120 credits.

The University of Bridgeport uses Canvas to help students pursue a bachelor’s degree online. This learning management system connects students to their professors, peers, and course materials. Courses usually involve a range of activities, from lectures to exams. The majority of learning activities are asynchronous. Students can reduce the cost of attendance with loans, grants, and scholarships. 

4. University of Texas

A total of 19 online bachelor’s degree programs are available at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Students can pursue studies in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and Humanities. Most of these programs require 120 credit hours.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin uses the Canvas learning management system to connect students to peers, teachers, and course materials. Most learning is asynchronous and may include lectures, readings, exams, projects, and discussions. Students at this institution may be eligible for financial aid in grants, loans, private scholarships, or institutional scholarships.

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers three online bachelor’s degree programs, including a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology. All three of these degrees can be completed with a minimum of 125 credits.

5. University of Northwestern

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul uses Moodle as its learning management system to deliver course materials to its students. Courses at this institution consist of lectures, discussions, projects, papers, and interactions with peers. Students may also interact directly with faculty members. Students at this institution can reduce education costs by applying for scholarships, grants, and student loans. Alumni benefits include career coaching, access to library resources, and tuition discounts.

To apply to an online bachelor’s degree program at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, students must complete and submit the online form. Transcripts to show evidence of past studies are also required. Beginning in Fall 2021, ACT and SAT scores are optional but can be submitted if desired. 



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