How to Market Your Online Degree to Employers

More and more employers agree that, for busy professionals who want to better position themselves in the workforce, online degrees are a reputable and flexible alternative to traditional degree programs.

If you’ve completed your online degree (or will in the near future), it’s important to know the right way to frame your education to get the best results in your career search. Even with the growing acceptability of virtual learning environments, it can’t hurt to be mindful with how you describe your education—whether it’s in a resumé or through your in-person elevator pitch.

Here are a few ways to describe your degree :

  • List (or mention) the tangible skills obtained in the program (e.g. project management skills, fluency in computer programming languages, etc.).
  • Share industry-accepted accreditation or trade qualifications.
  • Detail real-world, hands-on experiences, such as co-ops or capstone projects.
  • Mention mentoring partnerships or workshops you participated in.

1. Keep your description of your online degree program short and sweet;

there’s no need to over-explain. Instead, focus on the top two or three aspects of the program that you think are most notable for the industry you want to join. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of career development programs or job counseling service that may be available as part of your college education, as well. University experts are often on hand to help iron out the details of explaining your work

2. Embrace what makes an online degree different from other programs.

Since finishing an online degree requires time management, collaboration, tech literacy, and a motivated personality, you should be able to share how your online degree completion has contributed to your ability to learn and work independently over a lifetime. Emphasize to your future employer that the challenges of a virtual education are exactly why you are undoubtedly prepared for the job.

Over To You

While nearly any type of degree can be earned at least partially online these days, some majors are particularly suited for this style of learning. All programs offer extreme flexibility, can be completed entirely online and provide many future opportunities for career paths and ultimate career growth. In addition, they typically help students land jobs immediately upon graduation in growing sectors of the workforce.




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