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How To Make Money As An Exchange Student

Studying abroad can be an invaluable part of college education, but you might be worried about the cost. Fortunately, it is possible to support yourself out of the country if you figure out how to make money while studying abroad.

Some visas let you take part-time jobs, or you could work under the table as a tutor or babysitter. Plus, thanks to the internet, it’s easy to make money abroad by working online.

How to make money while studying abroad

If you’re looking for ways to finance a semester or two outside of the U.S., here are 10 options for study abroad jobs, as well as factors to consider as you decide whether to seek your fortune abroad.

1. Work on-campus

If you’re studying abroad through a university, rather than an external program, then the college may offer on-campus jobs. Eligible students may be able to find work-study jobs on the branch campus. Speak with the study abroad office to learn about your options for making money abroad. Maybe the office will even set you up with an on-campus job before you arrive.

2. Create your own travel blog (and keep at it)

Finally, you can try to make money abroad by starting your travel blog. While study abroad travel blogs are a dime a dozen, most of them are more personal than professional. If you’re serious about it, look for a way to fill a niche, produce stand-out content and monetize your blog.


Of course, you’ll need to write posts continuously, which can be tough as a full-time student. Plus, blogs take several months to a year to start generating revenue. Starting your blog may make you money eventually, but it’s probably not your best option for immediate income.

3. Teach English

The ability to speak English is a hot commodity. As the international language of business, English is coveted across the globe. Who knew speaking English was such a marketable skill?

It’s easy to connect with students looking for English tutors. Advertise your services on campus or online. Many cities have local discussion boards or Facebook groups where students and tutors can connect.

Besides meeting up in person, you can also teach English online. Companies such as UdemyVerbling, and Italki connect you with students all over the world through Skype. Let’s say you made $15 an hour teaching English. If you worked 10 hours a week, then you’d be pulling in $150 each week, or $600 a month.

4. Tutor students in test prep

In addition to tutoring in English, look for students who want help preparing for U.S. admissions tests, such as the SAT or ACT. Besides helping students ace these tests, you can guide them through the college admission process.

As with teaching English, you can meet up with local students or tutors online. Student Tutors, for instance, is one company that hires college students as online tutors.

5. Work as a freelancer online

Do you have other marketable skills to offer online besides teaching or tutoring? Some fields with abundant freelance opportunities are writing, editing, programming, and website design. Check out work-from-home sites like Upwork and Freelancer to see what roles are available.

These sites let you apply to jobs and offer services. Pay varies depending on the service and length of the project. Helping someone write their dating profile, for example, would earn you just $5 on Fiverr. Designing a website for a company through Upwork could make you $500 or more.

6. Babysit

If you enjoy spending time with kids, consider finding a babysitting job. Babysitting is typically flexible, and it pays well. Plus, you’ll connect with a family and get a deeper sense of your host country’s language and culture.

Check your college’s job board for babysitting opportunities. Alternatively, look for local websites that connect babysitters with families., for instance, operates in 20 countries around the world matching families with caregivers.

6. Offer translation services

Do you have a working knowledge of your host country’s language? If you’re fluent, offer translation services. Translators generally set their rates by word depending on their experience level and efficiency. Translating will let you make money working abroad while honing your language skills and building a portfolio.



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