How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates

Studying at canadian schools and other institutions equips people with the knowledge and skills they need to communicate effectively with others and accomplish basic tasks in every society. Additional studies may be pursued to become experts in a specific topic. There are numerous options for reaching any educational level one desires, and some of them even require studying overseas.

Even though education is now more widely available to the general public, some people may still find it difficult to enroll in a school of their choice. Culture, finances, and location, among other things, may make it difficult to pursue the high-quality education offered by the institution of one’s choice.

How to Study in Canada for Free

1. Make sure that you are a great applicant

One of the first requirements that any institution will look into is the capability and academic aptitude of the student applicant. Thus, you must make sure you are a great applicant since having a great application drastically increases the chances of getting a scholarship into any institution. This is a very important step in studying in Canada for free.

One of how you can ensure that you have a great application is by maintaining good academic standing in the current institution or school you are in. Having high GPAs and test scores can exhibit your skills in different types of subjects and can prove your ability to cope with academic demands.

2. Prepare your application early

Another necessary step to ensuring a great application is by preparing your application early. By preparing early, you will be able to gather more information about the school you want to apply to, as well as the requirements that they might need to accept you into their institution. This also minimizes the possible margins of error when it comes to applications, since preparing early allows you to consider all the different outcomes of your application.


3. Apply to universities in Canada

Part of being able to find affordable universities to study in is by applying to universities that offer free or affordable education to international students. The application process is one of the most important steps to getting the type of education you prefer, and being able to comply with any requirements that may be asked of you is an essential part of having the possibility of studying in Canada for free. If you don’t know how to apply to universities in Canada, I highly suggest going to How to Apply to Universities in Canada.

4. Look for Scholarships from Universities in Canada

One of how you can study for free in countries such as Canada is by looking for scholarships. Some universities, like the University of Calgary, offer scholarships for international students. According to their site, they offer a “University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship” for their undergraduate programs to international students who satisfy certain requirements, such as an English Language Proficiency Test, a GPA of 2.60 or more, among others.

Other universities such as the University of Toronto offer scholarships for graduate programs upon compliance with certain requirements, as stated on their site. For this university, some of the requirements include a grade requirement of A- or equivalent, transcripts of previous post-secondary institutions, and references, among others. Getting Canadian scholarships from different universities is one of the best ways of studying for free in Canada.

5. Look for Scholarships from your own government

Some countries also support their nationals by providing them with scholarships for their studies abroad. Aside from scholarships from Canada, students can also choose to look for scholarships that their own countries offer, and comply with any requirements that their country may have. Upon compliance with such requirements, they can study in Canada for free under scholarships from their government.

6. Look for external scholarships

Scholarships are not only limited to governments or institutions, and can even be provided for by other organizations around the globe. Many organizations believe in the benefit of improving education across borders, and, thus, providing several scholarships to deserving individuals. Students interested in studying through scholarships should also consider applying for said scholarships offered by different organizations, whether international or local. By seizing opportunities provided by different organizations, students will be more equipped to deal with the problems that they may face when they practice their profession.

7. Look for affordable universities in Canada

The average amount paid for tuition fees in Canada is around 6,400$ per year for undergraduate studies and 7000$ a year for graduate studies. This amount can differ in terms of the university you choose. If you are interested in studying in Canada for free, it can also be wise to choose to attend more affordable universities in Canada that offer lower tuition fees to international students.



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