How To Get Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022

Every thriving nation has always placed education at the forefront. When a youngster is old enough to walk, he begins to learn about the inner workings of a system that is designed to prepare him for life after graduation.

Fortunately, certain countries, like Canada, provide high-quality education to select citizens for free. For individuals interested in traveling and studying abroad, there are numerous options. If you know where to search, you may find scholarships, exchange programs, and other advantageous opportunities all around the world.

Fully Funded Graduate Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022

1. Look for government-sponsored scholarships in your own country.

Some countries also help their citizens by offering them scholarships to pursue their studies overseas. Aside from Canadian scholarships, students can look for scholarships in their nations, as long as they meet any conditions that their country may have. They can study in Canada for free if they meet these standards, thanks to scholarships provided by their government.

2. Look for scholarships from outside sources.

Scholarships aren’t just for governments or institutions; they can also be granted by non-governmental organizations all around the world. Many organizations believe in the value of strengthening education across borders and, as a result, offer a variety of scholarships to worthy students.

Students interested in receiving financial aid may look into applying for scholarships sponsored by various organizations, both worldwide and local. Students will be better prepared to deal with challenges that they may encounter while practicing their profession if they take advantage of the possibilities provided by various organizations.


3. Look for affordable universities in Canada

The average amount paid for tuition fees in Canada is around 6,400$ per year for undergraduate studies and 7000$ a year for graduate studies. This amount can differ in terms of the university you choose. If you are interested in studying in Canada for free, it can also be wise to choose to attend more affordable universities in Canada that offer lower tuition fees to international students. If you are interested, I highly recommend visiting Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students.

4. Work while Studying

An option that some international students may have when studying in Canada is the ability to work while studying. As stated in Canada’s government website, as an international student in Canada, you can work while studying if your study permit states that working either on or off-campus is allowed. However, working in Canada as an international student is only allowed for the duration of your program. Working before the start of your studies in Canada is not allowed.

Canada also has options for international students to work as interns or co-op placement. However, as stated above, your student permit must also state such a fact. Should you want to continue working after having graduated from the program, and if you are eligible, you can choose to apply for their post-graduation work permit. (PGWP). Working while studying will be great for you to be able to study in Canada for free. So, take advantage of this situation.

5. Lower your cost of living

In Canada, the average cost of living for a student that does not have to pay for rent is around 800$+ per month. If a student has to pay for rent off-campus, this amount can drastically increase. However, some universities offer accommodations for free to their international students. In such cases, the average cost of living can also decrease since you will no longer have to pay for rent and other expenses like transportation and utility fees.

One of how you can lower your cost of living as an international student in Canada is by renting rooms that are shared with other people. Dorm-type accommodations can also be available around the campus, which are cheaper alternatives to renting an apartment for yourself since the cost of the room is shared by all its occupants. Another option for lowering your cost of living is choosing to stay in cheaper apartments, or finding apartments that are nearer to the campus, to avoid spending too much on transportation.



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