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How To Get Internships Abroad For College Students

There are various ways to figure it out if you can rock both studying and internship at the same time, whether you conceive of it as “studying while interning abroad” or “interning while studying abroad” (take your pick!). As a result, interning while studying abroad might be a fantastic experience! While you’re studying overseas, you’ll have the opportunity to gain real-world professional experience and build your resume.

Though it may appear practically impossible or way too much work to take on, with the correct tools, mindset, and resources, you’ll be able to study and intern abroad successfully.
There are several ways to hunt for an internship abroad, just as there are many ways to select the appropriate study abroad program.

How To Get a Paid Internships Abroad 2022

1. Find a program that offers both

As international internships become more popular and in-demand, many program providers have taken notice and built additional internship options into their programs. You can now do an internship in conjunction with your studies with barely any extra effort on your part.

While this is by far the easiest option, it may not always work out for you. This option may not be available from any program providers in the country or city you want to go to. Or, they may not be able to find an internship that fits your interests. Of course, there is also the cost factor – most program providers will probably charge a premium for this extra service. CIEE and SAI are examples of program providers that offer both.

2. Consult your host university

If you are doing a direct exchange or studying abroad at an established local university, there’s a good chance they already have internship programs in place for their local students.


If you’re proficient in the native language, there’s no reason you can’t also make use of these services. When you’re signing up for classes, contact your advisor and see whether there is an internship class available, or try to see if the university can help you arrange an internship for class credit.

3. Talk with your home university

You may be surprised by how much your university back home can help you during your time abroad. Many universities organize international internships through their study abroad offices or work with organizations that do.

Even if they aren’t able to offer direct help, they might be able to at least point you in the right direction! You never know, maybe there’s an alumnus of your university living in your host city who can arrange an internship for you or a known company that has a history of hosting interns in the past.

4. Browse job board

If you’ve contacted both your host university and your university back home and still haven’t landed upon your dream internship, maybe it’s time to turn to the internet!

New internships are posted daily on the job boards here at Go Overseas. You never know what amazing opportunities may pop up!

You can also try exploring job-hunting websites like Indeed or Idealist.

5. Change your focus

If the internship is the most important aspect for you, you may want to focus more on finding that internship and then work out the study part around your internship schedule. Maybe you’ll take language classes, or sign up for classes at a local university once you know your work schedule. Many internships are only four days a week, so you could easily fit in classes on a free day, in the evenings, or on the weekend.

Tips For Studying And Working Abroad

  • Be flexible: Studying and interning abroad could cause some major scheduling conflicts, especially if you end up finding the internship on your own. To make it work, you may have to give up a class you really wanted to take, or do some tricky negotiating with your internship host.
  • Follow legal protocols: There’s a fine line between interning and working abroad. In some countries, if you are getting paid you might be breaking the law. (But in some countries if you are doing the work without getting paid, you could also be breaking the law!) Make sure you are following the rules and not overstepping your visa.
  • Don’t just settle. Of course, internships are not always going to be glorious and awe-inspiring, but you also shouldn’t be getting taken advantage of. Make sure you’re gaining some actual value from the experience.
  • Immerse yourself: Part of the beauty of an international internship is working in another culture. Really delve into your workplace and form connections with people. One of the great things about an internship abroad is that it will probably be an even better opportunity for you to really glimpse into the local culture and experience real local customs. Make the most of it!
  • Track your progress. When all is said and done, your international internship experience is only as good as you can sell it! You need to be able to understand what you learned and how you developed. From soft skills to solid accomplishments, track how you progressed and be able to say it in your resume, in interviews, etc.


If you want to get the most out of both experiences, you might not be able to do them at once. Some internships will be the most beneficial if you work full time, and some classes are rigorous and deserve all of your attention.

If you don’t feel like you can split your time between both, or you just really can’t work out a schedule, consider back-to-backing them. Do an internship in the summer before or after your study abroad experience, or do one semester of each! You’re already there, so why not get the most out of it? You’ll get to maximize your time in the country and get both a study abroad and intern abroad experience on one flight ticket.



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