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How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022

Summer internships are particularly popular among current university students because the work does not interfere with their studies. Summer internships are also typically 10 to 12 weeks long. Summer internships are less likely to be filled with busy work due to the shorter length, therefore your given responsibilities will be very relevant and helpful for your learning experience.

Interning abroad during the summer allows you to schedule leisure trips before or after your internship without disrupting your studies. Because you’ll already be in another country, it’ll be easier and less expensive to hop on a bus, train, or aircraft to see more than simply the city where your internship is located.

Also, you won’t be consumed with homework or studying during the weekends, allowing you to spend that time growing a newfound friendship group in your home abroad.

Interning abroad is a wonderful networking opportunity. You will make personal and professional connections that will last long past the summer. Be sure to stay connected with these contacts by adding them on LinkedIn or other various social networks. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

When To Apply For Summer Internship Abroad

Since the application and visa process can take some time, it is important to apply well ahead of time for your summer internship. You should start your research four to six months before the start date and begin applying for open positions two to three months beforehand. Expect to spend time during the spring participating in interviews. Once you have an offer, start your visa process immediately.


Qualification For Summer Internship Abroad

The great thing about internships is that you’re expected not to have much industry experience. An internship is an educational experience, and while you may get paid, the real value is experiential learning.

That said, you may need to be enrolled in a relevant university program, especially if you’re applying directly with international organizations. Other qualifications may include:

  • The ability to speak the language (if not an English-speaking internship)
  • No criminal history
  • The ability to pass a health screening

Program providers may also require you to carry travel or health insurance that will cover you while overseas.

What are the best destinations for a paid internsh

We track trends in the travel industry. One way we do so is by paying attention to what our community members are adding to their wish list.

To take it a step further, we also follow what countries have the most internship programs offered by providers and use this information combined with our industry knowledge to choose the best countries to intern abroad and the best cities to intern abroad in 2022.

While these destinations may be the most desirable for most prospective interns, that doesn’t mean they’re the best for you. We encourage candidates to take on new challenges and find the program that best fits their goals.

Get experience, get paid!

Paid internships give you the opportunity for a hands-on experience that can’t be found in a classroom. Through international internships, you’ll have the chance to see your field with a global perspective, learn from experts, and enjoy new and exciting experiences as you adapt to life abroad and immerse yourself in another culture. Put your summer to work this year and gain skills that will stay with you no matter where you go.



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