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How To Earn Money While Studying Abroad

Going abroad is a fantastic experience, but it can be very costly. Fortunately, we’ve done some research and discovered that finding a paid job, such as an internship or a work-abroad program, is the most straightforward method to secure a steady stream of money while traveling.

You might also consider less traditional options such as tutoring or earning an internet job. To get the most out of your money, make sure you budget along the way. Hopefully, your international experience will not only be enlightening, but also beneficial to your bank account!

How to Make Money During a Semester Abroad

1. Apply for a paid internship. 

While most internships are not paid, there are some that will give you a stipend to help pay your bills or offset the cost of traveling abroad. There are even internships that provide housing, which can be a huge help financially. These positions are usually highly sought after but are applied for just as unpaid internships are, so if you are highly qualified a paid internship may be right for you.

If you are interested in getting a paid internship you will need to find some to apply for. You can do an internet search for internships that are available to you but you may also be able to consult with your school’s study abroad program to see if they know of any that are available.

2. Sign up for a work-abroad program. 

If you do not have the financial ability to pay for a traditional study abroad program, you may be able to find a work abroad program instead. These programs are usually seasonal, so they can be great for making money and getting experience abroad during summer break.


Some common jobs that are offered in a work abroad program include being an au pair or teaching English. A work-abroad program will require a work visa but programs designed for foreigners usually make those arrangements.

3. Find an online job. 

While you are abroad it may be a good idea to find some income by doing work online. There are many jobs these days that you can do from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. With an online job you can both make money while abroad and you can usually create your own schedule, which works well with a student’s schedule.

Some jobs that can be done online exclusively include writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, and creating your own online business.

4. Reduce your costs. 

Making changes to your individual habits, preferences, and travel choices while you are abroad can dramatically decrease the cost of living abroad. Consider abandoning your normal luxuries while you are abroad and instead try to live frugally

For example, this could include avoiding buying new clothes or accessories, eating homemade food more often, or traveling via the cheapest methods. If you cut down on your costs, then you can cut down on your need to make money while abroad.



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