How to Apply For Finland Student Visa in Nigeria

If you’ve decided to apply for Finland student visa in Nigeria, then this article is for you. The good news is you can apply for Finland student visa in Nigeria without experiencing any challenges. Many Nigerian students are presently studying in Finland. And you also find your way there. Read this article for full details on how to apply for Finland Student Visa.

Finland Student Visa Requirement For Nigeria Citizens

Whenever you are set to apply for Finland student visa in Nigeria, compile the following documents. You shall present them to the Embassy of Finland in three sets: one original, two photocopy.

1- Application form (completed). Click HERE to download this form. Fill out this form with the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader.

2- Letter of admission from an educational institution in Finland.

3- Transcripts, certificate from previously attended education institution.


4- Proof that you have 560 Euro per month to support yourself financially throughout your studies.

5- Your international passport

6- Two passport photographs

7- If the attached documents are in other languages but English, Finnish, or Swedish, you will also need official translations;

8- Visa application fees

9- Travel Health Insurance with insurance cover worth 30,000 Euro. You can order affordable Finland travel insurance here.

10- Flight itinerary/reservation document bearing flight number, name of airline and entry date. You need not look further for verifiable flight reservation. P.

11- Hotel reservation document, containing name, address and telephone number of hotel for embassy confirmation. Reserve your hotel at affordable rates, .

12- Cover letter detailing your motive for studying in Finland, the number of schools you applied to, as well as the reasons why you have chosen your institution of learning. You can get support for a standard cover letter 

How to Apply For Finland Student Visa in Nigeria: Step By Step

Ready to apply for Finland Student visa in Nigeria? Take the following steps. But ensure that you have already compiled the required documents for your visa application.

1. Register with the Finnish immigration service.

You must first register with the Finnish Immigration Service before you can apply for Finland student visa in Nigeria. Note that you can apply for this visa as early as three months before your travel date. Also, the visa application is valid for three months from the application date. So you should start applying for visa immediately you get an admission letter

2. Legalize your documents.

According to Embassy of Finland, legalization of documents is important. Please note that an appointment at the Embassy can be booked only when the required legalizations are completed. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Finland to do this.

3. Book an appointment with the embassy

Once you have completed all legalizations, book an appointment with the embassy. Send an email to to book your appointment.

4. Pay the application fee. 

You can do this at any branch of the Standard Chartered Bank Plc.

5.  Send your documents to the embassy

Forward your filled visa application form and all original documents to the Embassy two weeks before you visit the Embassy for your interview.

6. Attend Interview

Arrive early on the day of interview. The embassy works from 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Thursday (except on public holidays). Make sure you take the processing payment receipt with you as well as two copies of all your documents photocopies.

7. Get an update

Once the Finnish immigration service makes a decision your application, you will get an update via email.



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