How Can You Make Money Online As An International Student

According to data, many college students experience major financial difficulties. To avoid putting their parents under financial burden, many of them decide to go for work and start earning money.

Finding a job, on the other hand, is difficult for a college student. Your goal is to obtain a part-time employment that will boost your income while not jeopardizing your academic success.

Here are a few basic ways to supplement your income while you study.

1. Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

Many small businesses with limited budgets cannot invest in in-house marketing teams and expensive digital marketing agencies. Instead, they resort to hiring freelance digital marketing professionals to publish content on their website, create email marketing campaigns, or manage their social channels.

To learn about the industry and become a certified digital marketer, you should enroll in a digital marketing course. Alternatively, start reading digital marketing blogs, download free learning materials, or even apply for a paid digital marketing internship.


Since digital marketing is vast, you need to choose the field you are passionate about – content marketing, copywriting, paid search, technical SEO, link building, etc. To embark on a freelance digital marketing career and put yourself in front of the right clients, register on platforms for freelancers, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, and Simply Hired.

2. Become an Online Tutor

With a plethora of online tutoring platforms, you are not limited to face-to-face lessons anymore. You can now connect with students from all around the world.

For example, Udemy lets you create an online course on a wide range of topics. You would get paid every time someone signs up for your online course.

You can also find online tutoring companies that are looking for lecturers with your academic specialty. Most online tutors are required to work at least 5 hours weekly and they make $15-$20/hour. Work hours are flexible, allowing you to balance your school and work.

3. Earn Cryptocurrencies Online

The hype about cryptocurrency trading is not dying down. For quite some time now, it is considered one of the most lucrative investment opportunities.

One of the best ways to earn cryptocurrencies is crypto mining. Your task is to ensure transaction verification and security of the cryptocurrency network. For every block you mine successfully, you get “block rewards.” The current Bitcoin block reward is 12.5 BTC.

To improve your chances of getting a block reward, you will need to connect your mining machines to online Bitcoin mining pools. Every user in a mining pool receives a share of the block reward. Your share would be proportional to the amount of computing power you used.

4. Test Websites and Apps

Before they launch a digital product, such as a website or an app, companies want to know how their prospects respond to it. To get better insights into user experiences, they hire website testers. So, if browsing websites and trying out new apps is your thing, maybe it is time to turn pro and start reviewing websites for money.

Platforms like UserTesting, Enroll, Userlytics, or TryMyUI will ask you to browse websites and applications and record your thoughts on them. Each review takes about 15-20 minutes.

Let’s be clear about one thing – you will not be able to live off website testing. You will receive about $10 per website. However, it is still an easy way to bring in some extra cash and have fun.

5. Deliver Foods

If driving for ridesharing companies is too challenging for you, consider working for food ordering and delivery companies. Your job would be to pick up deliveries at restaurants and deliver them to customers. If you do not have a car, a bicycle or a scooter will do.

Becoming a delivery driver has multiple benefits. First, you get a chance to explore the city while dropping off deliveries. Second, the job fits around your study schedule, since you can choose when you want to work. Finally, every day is your payday. For example, with UberEats, you can set Instant Pay to cash out several times a day.

Over to You

The six jobs mentioned above are highly flexible, meaning they will not compromise your productivity at school. They are your gateways to financial freedom. You will gain invaluable life lessons and, most importantly, develop strong entrepreneurial skills you can use one day.

Good luck finding the right job!



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