Harvard University Scholarships For International Students 2022

Harvard is a prestigious Ivy League institution with ten academic faculties based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard University is the best university in the United States, having been founded in 1636. It is one of the most prominent universities in the world, named for philanthropist John Harvard.

Harvard College is the oldest, with the Schools of Medicine, Divinity, Law, Dental Medicine, Arts & Science, Business, Extension (Liberal Arts & Professional Courses), Design, Education, Public Health, Government, and Engineering & Applied Sciences following closely behind.

Harvard University Scholarship 2021

Harvard has a total student population of 21,261. A quarter of this – 25% – is represented by foreign enrollees. Serving the university’s international community is the Harvard International Office. It offers assistance regarding student, scholar, and student visa services.

At the same time, it also helps these students’ dependents get their needed visas. At this office, both international students and faculty members can get everything they need – from application forms to certifications of English proficiency.

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Financial Aid


Qualified foreign students may apply for Harvard financial aid, which shoulders 100% of the applicant’s demonstrated need.

The university picks out eligible students by establishing parent contributions and factoring in employment or student awards. What’s left of these will be covered by a grant-based scholarship that needs no repayment.

For Faculty of Arts & Science students, for example, this Harvard University scholarship may be covered by the $150 million endowments given by alumnus Ken Griffin.

2. Outside Awards

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies

Outside awards are often funded by schools, civil organizations, parental employers, and corporations, to name a few.

As these funds are intended for educational purposes, they need to be reported to the university. This will then be incorporated into the total amount of financial aid the student will receive.

Outside awards may help replace term-time job expectations or an equal amount of the student’s Harvard University scholarship.

3. Financial Support for Ph.D. Students

Certain departments, such as the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, provide full financial support to its full-time resident doctorate students. Apart from covering tuition, this Harvard University scholarship for international students includes basic living expenses and health insurance for a minimum of 5 years.

This support also includes stipends, traineeships, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships, to name a few.

Notice of financial support is given at the time of admission. This needs to be reactivated every Spring as the continuation of the award depends on the progress of the student.

4. Research Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and living stipend
  • Eligible Degrees: Master’s, PhD

Select Master’s and Ph.D. students can receive funding in form of research assistantships and teaching assistantships. These cover full tuition as well as a living stipend, so it is a great way for international students to study without having to worry about finances.

5. Saul Saenz Fellowships

The Saul Saenz fellowship is given to exceptional full-time students who wish to take a Master’s or Doctorate in Early Childhood Education at the Graduate School.

Recipients of this Harvard University scholarship are evaluated according to work experience (3-5 years, paid or voluntary basis) – whether as a practitioner, policymaker, government employee, or researcher.

Saul Saenz fellows are also expected to participate in mentoring or co-curricular activities. Although this fellowship is a merit-based award, preference is given to applicants who demonstrate dire financial need. Graduate scholarships are also available according to nationality. See this link for more details.



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