Free Online Courses in Canada For International Students

Are there Free Online Courses in Canada?

Yes, there are numerous free courses online in Canada. One should find what interests him or her or the school of their choice and get started to earn a free certificate from online courses in Canada.

It can be difficult to locate colleges in Canada that provide free online courses with certifications. Because most programs are designed for on-campus students, this is the case. However, with the appropriate search, you can find free online certification courses in Canada.

Your academic programs, presentations, and homework are supplied to you by email or a data transmission system during virtual classrooms. You submit course assignments through the LMS by participating in discussion forums and submitting tasks via relevant links.

Because we understand that this can be a tad difficult for people to figure out, we’ve made a list in his post to help narrow down your choices.


List of Free Online Courses

We have compiled a list of 15 free online courses with certificates in Canada. Our selection criteria are focused on the duration and nature of the coursework offered. We also considered the quality of education, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and several other relevant factors.

As you read further, you will get detailed information on the various programs offered by the free online schools listed below.

  • Software Engineering – Introduction, Certificate
  • Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers, Certificate
  • How to Code – Simple Data, Certificate
  • Software Development Capstone Project, Certificate

1. Software Engineering – Introduction, Certificate

This course is part of the Software Development MicroMasters Program. It introduces how teams to design, build and test multi-version software systems. You will learn software engineering principles that apply to the breadth of large-scale software systems.

2. Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers, Certificate

Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers is a free online course with certificates at the Engineering Institute of Technology located in Canada. It is a 3-month online course. 

If you take up this program, you will gain a basic knowledge of structural engineering that includes the principles of analysis of structures and their application, the behavior of materials under loading, the selection of construction materials, and the design fundamentals for Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) and steel structures. 

3. How to Code – Simple Data, Certificate

This is a 7-week tuition-free online learning platform in collaboration with the University of British Columbia – UBC.

EdX features the How to Code – Simple Data Program. You will learn the secret to writing well-tested and easy to improve programs, that will set you up to master any programming language. To be eligible to apply for EdX online certification, you must know how to speak English.

4. Software Development Capstone Project, Certificate

 This is the final course in the Software Development MicroMasters program. You will learn how to input, manipulate, and return data with a modern web development stack. Using TypeScript and Node, you will manipulate large amounts of information using a domain-specific querying language. Backend, REST, and front-end technologies will be required to complete the project.

Coursework covers the following topics;

  • Full-stack web development using Typescript and Node.js
  • How teams of developers build software
  • Agile methodology
  • Hands-on experience building a non-trivial software system


Using an online proctoring service is another alternative for online classes. This makes it easier to keep track of kids while they work. It also allows degree candidates to take examinations off-campus, giving colleges confidence that they earned their degrees honestly.



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