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Factors to Consider When in Search of an Affordable Country to Study & Work Abroad

When in search of an affordable study abroad destination, there are countless factors in which one must consider, right from the application process to work in the country and so on. First and foremost, it is important to check and plan according to your financial status, because many international countries would require you to tend your proof of funds throughout your stay in the country before you can be granted entrance.

It would then not be wise to show that you want to work while you study before your application is even received. Some of the factors which you can consider as you search and compare your options include;

  • The country’s average cost of living; accommodation, transportation, feeding and so on
  • Standard of education quality in the country and the tuition fee rates
  • Cost of processing of the student visa and necessary documents
  • Reviews from other international students of your host institution or country
  • Requirements needed for work and study in the country if you intend to do so.

In order for you to study abroad, it is paramount to plan according to your financial stability and search for institutions that are very affordable with little or affordable cost of living and education. As was stated earlier, the countries that permit international students to work and study have different criteria that are required, therefore it is wise to note these requirements before you proceed in your application.

The failure to abide by the rules most of the time results in either revoking such student’s visa or working with no pay. In this article, we have outlined the different countries with cheap and affordable costs of living and education to help you make your choices of the perfect study abroad destination.

3 cheap and affordable countries for study abroad students


is a country in Europe with an affordable cost of living and friendly locals, the country is also known for its quality educational background and is another cool place to study abroad. Belgium permits international students to work and study but with a valid residence permit.


During school hours, the maximum duration of work is 20 hours and full time during semester breaks. Working for longer hours during school sessions may result in the termination of such a student’s visa. Some schools in Belgium also offers scholarship for students.


famous for its tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, Vietnam is an affordable study abroad destination for many international students. The country has a lot of possible things to offer with its diverse culture and welcoming locals.

Students can take up part-time jobs in Vietnam during their course of study to support their needs. The few options available for employment in this country are; teaching English, working in malls and showrooms, working in restaurants and so on.


this is a very popular tourist destination with an affordable lifestyle. The country is gradually becoming a place where international students who like to experience something different would want to go. The country is not so popular among international students but with its cultural background, affordable cost of living and also improved educational system, it is a nice place to study. Students can work and study in Thailand provided they are issued the work permit which is done by the Royal Ministry of labor in the country.



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