European Centre For Career Education

The European Centre for Career Instruction offers practical education in the domains of law, international business, and architecture through distinctive summer programs. Our mission is to teach young and gifted pupils about the workings of the professional world.

In three weeks, students can learn about 30 different subjects from 30 different lecturers as part of the New Technology & Business Law Summer Program. It is the greatest option for those who wish to look at company transactions from a legal standpoint while also gaining up-to-date practical technical knowledge.

For the current year, the program is regularly updated. It always brings together individuals with up-to-date, real-world expertise in the domains of law, business, and technology who deal with the lecture topics on a daily basis.

You can join the lecture part online and conduct the internship either online or offline. The internship can take place prior or after the lecture period or anytime later on based on an agreement between the student & ECCEDU and provided a deposit is paid

Program details

European Centre for Career Education All Locations: Prague, Czech Republic


Duration: 7 weeks Earliest Start Date: 04 Jul 2022

Application Deadline: 19 Aug 2022 Language: English

Study Type: Online Pace: Full-time

Tuition Fees: EUR 1,800 / course

Program Outcome

Graduation & Certificates & Reference Letter

As part of the lectures, the ECCEDU team will hold a certificate awarding ceremony to be awarded the ECCEDU final Graduation Certificate.

You will also have a chance to get a reference letter/recommendation letter from your internship company, which will make your resume stand out among your peers.

Program Tuition Fees

EUR 1,800 / course

  • Lectures: 300 EUR
  • Internships: 1500 EUR

Internships by ECCEDU

ECCEDU programs are not only about spending time in the classroom; quite the opposite. After three weeks of intensive practical courses, our students get a chance to use and improve their freshly acquired knowledge by going on a four-week-long internship in one of the top-tier companies operating in their sector.We partner with companies like Siemens, UniCredit Bank, Lego, Coca-Cola; law firms such as DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Linklaters; and studios such as Jestico+, Whiles Architecture, and Chapman Taylor Architects, as well as many others, to provide valuable experiences, skills, and know-how.

All our partners are well aware of the huge gap between traditional education and real-life situations; therefore, they gladly agreed to participate in preparing our students to become successful future leaders and well-recognized experts in their respective fields.

Lectures and Lecturers

When designing and organizing the programs, we always follow two core values – Experience and Inspiration. Every summer, for three weeks, we teach our students 30 practical topics that rarely make it to academic curriculums. These 30 topics are selected very carefully to make sure they stay relevant and are covered by 30 different active professionals who are considered experts in their fields.



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