TikToker makes a meal out of her husband’s lucky Asian arowana pet fish to teach him a lesson

TikToker makes a meal out of her husband’s lucky Asian arowana pet fish to teach him a lesson

In a recent viral TikTok, an Indonesian woman can be seen cooking her husband’s expensive pet fish to protest against his laziness.

A wife’s frustration: In the video posted on Oct. 8, TikTok user Mia Kurniawan (@miakurniawan01) is seen scaling and seasoning the arowana fish, which can go for as much as $300,000, before deep-frying it to teach her husband a lesson.

  • According to AsiaOne, Kurniawan wrote in an accompanying text, “My husband kept promising to clean the aquarium after I told him to. I thought it would be delicious if I fried it.”

  • “Already cooked and ready to eat,” she declares, showing the cooked fish. She ends the video by making a heart gesture with her thumb and index finger.

  • In her following TikTok videos created in response to comments from netizens, Kurniawan’s husband forgave her and is looking to buy a new pet arowana.

All about the fish: The fish Kurniawan fried is an Asian arowana, the world’s most expensive fish, according to NextShark.

  • The Asian arowana, more commonly known as the dragon fish, is a species native to the freshwaters of Southeast Asia.

  • Its glimmering red and gold scales are believed to bring good luck to many Asian homes.

  • It is prized as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in countries such as China and Japan. In fact, middle class Chinese men collect them the same way they collect cars.

  • Asian arowana are entered into fish beauty pageants as well. They can even reportedly undergo cosmetic surgeries such as eye lifts and chin jobs, which cost between $60 to $90.

  • The special fish cannot be brought to the States as it is protected by the Endangered Species Act.

Featured Image via @miakurniawan01

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