‘Sex/Life’ Has Officially Been Renewed: Everything We Know About Season 2

‘Sex/Life’ Has Officially Been Renewed: Everything We Know About Season 2

Round two? Netflix’s Sex/Life hooked fans in with its sexy and steamy story line leading many viewers to ask for more.

The show, which is based off BB Easton’s novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men, premiered on the streaming site in June 2021 and viewers haven’t stopped talking about it since.

The love triangle between Billie (Sarah Shahi), her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Billie’s former lover Brad (Adam Demos) is captivating and controversial. Throughout season 1, Billie yearns for the sex life she had with Brad while trying to keep things intact on the home front with Cooper, all the while reconnecting with herself.

The complex female lead is what drew Shahi — who met Demos, her real-life boyfriend, on set — to the character in the first place. Billie’s three-dimensional personality even has the actress rooting for a second season, just like the show’s diehard fans.

“I have always been trying to get into projects like this. I just never got hired,” the actress told Us Weekly exclusively on the “Watch With Us” podcast in June 2021. “Everyone was always trying to hire me to be the tough chick and paid me to keep my clothes on. I’ve been wanting to be a bit risky and cry and show emotional vulnerability for a while now.”

The fact that this project is written by a woman and directed by all women also intrigued the Chicago Fire alum.

“It was just such an ability to stand for something, to stand for femininity, to be able to be a voice in a way that I felt was really important for women across the globe,” she explained. “You can be a mom and still want to be the sexual goddess at the same time. The two don’t have to lose one for the other.”

The season’s ending left the audience with a lot of unanswered questions as well, which Shahi told Us she hoped the cast can “go into and explore” if the drama gets picked up for more episodes.

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