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Biography of Salle (The Orange Hawker),Age, Networth, music career

Biography of Salle (The Orange Hawker),Age, Networth, music career.


The biography of Salle(The orange Hawker)

Salle(The orange Hawker) hails from Imo state, Owerri. Her Uprising came from a viral video posted on Instagram. The buyer of the Orange saw her singing and recorded her.


Age: 17 years old


Record Label: Rihanna Record Label

State: Imo State

Networth: $100- Upward ⬆️


Salle’s Record Label 

That’s how she got famous, she has received many invitations and signing in as a Musician under Big Famous Record Label. Even many artist are still inviting her.


Rihanna requested to sign her up, and she agreed. She is now Rihanna’s girl. Don Jazzy, Boss of Record Label, Mavin has been saying that he would sign her up.




Grace na Koko, Talent na Jara.

This is the main thing here. Fireboy DML inspires me alot ,he said Grace na Koko Talent na Jara so I lock myself inside My Yara ,Go down on my knees and call on Baba.   cos this thing is just God!

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