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Owing to the constant technological advancements, online education has been growing rapidly in Canada. As a matter of fact, students from all over the world get to study in any of the online universities in Canada without going to Canada.

To that end, this article will list the best online program in Canada and other relevant applicable information.

1. Human Resource Management Program

Human Resource Management Program is one of the best Free Online Courses with Certificates In Canada. It layers traditional elements of human resource management with business and communication essentials.

Basically, the Program aligns its knowledge outcomes with industry-recognized standards and best professional practice, earning graduates top scores on the CPHR designation examinations.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to obtain your WHMIS certification through the Managing Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment course.


2. Object-Oriented Design

Object-Oriented Design is a free online certification course provided by the University of Alberta in partnership with Coursera. It is the first course in Software Design and Architecture.

This course is basically designed for learners with a beginner level of object-oriented programming experience in Java, that are interested in software engineering. Through the application of design principles, patterns, and architectures, learners will be able to create reusable, flexible, and testable software applications and systems.

3. Software Construction – Object-Oriented Design, Certificate 

This is another free online course with Certificates In Canada provided by the University of British Columbia – UBCx. It is a 6 weeks program. Software Construction is a part of the software development MicroMaster program. It covers the principles of object-oriented design, and introduce new abstraction techniques and design patterns. This technique will help you to build an application that makes use of popular online services and APIs.

4. Software Construction – Data Abstraction, Certificate 

This is the third course in the Software Development MicroMasters program. You will learn how to build larger and more complex software systems using the Java programming language in 6 weeks.

The course features a topic of data abstraction – from specification to implementation. By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in designing software in Java, and be ready to move onto Software Construction: Object-Oriented Design, where you will learn more complex design patterns and principles designing object-oriented programs.

5. Professional LLM in Labour Relations and Employment Law

This is a 12 months course that will give you a deeper understanding of the theory, policies, and principles that underlie Labour and employment law. The course requires completion of 36 credits obtained through coursework and a Major Research Paper, or coursework only. 

Your progress and performance are evaluated through papers, presentations, and take-home assignments. At the end of this course, you will develop the skills to consider, at an advanced level, the social, economic, and political forces shaping this dynamic field today.

6. Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers, Certificate

This is a 3 weeks free online course with Certificates In Canada. Courseworks covers the following topics;

  • Fully understand the role of a structural engineer
  • Predict the behavior of structural members under loading
  • The concept of stress functions such as tension, compression, shear, and bending
  • Significance of material properties in design
  • The basic design of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structures
  • Analyze the deformation of members under Loading
  • The basic design of steel structures
  • Perform basic analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structures
  • The basic design of masonry structures
  • The basic design of timber structural members

7. Sample-based Learning Methods

Sample-based Learning Methods is one of the free online courses with certificates in Canada provided by the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, University of Alberta.

This course features several algorithms that can learn near-optimal policies based on trial and error interaction with the environment, learning from the agent’s own experience.

Course work covers topics on powerful Monte Carlo methods, and temporal difference learning methods including Q-learning. 



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