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Amazing Countries to Study in Europe for International Students

The quality of education in Europe might be said to be top-notch. That, however, cannot be said about the quality of education in lots of developing countries. Due to this, for better quality education, it is now a norm for students from developing countries to move to Europe.

While the quality of education in Europe is better than what is obtainable in most developing countries, the cost of education is generally higher and one that people from developing countries might struggle to afford. While university education in Europe is not so cheap, there are certain countries that have a university education system that is not so expensive.

That being said, if you are interested in studying in Europe as an international student, you are on the right page.

Study in Estonia

Estonia is a country that used to be a part of the Soviet Union. It is made up of over 1,500 islands and is a perfect place for international students that are looking for countries in Europe where they can get good and affordable education. Although Estonian is the official language of Estonia, there are many degree programs in this country that are taught in English.

The tuition fees that international students studying in Estonia have to pay is very low. This includes the fees for Masters Programs, as well as that for Bachelors programs. Apart from medicine student which pay more than 1660 Euros annually, other international students in Estonia pay 1660 Euro.


Study in Cyprus

Cyprus is geographically in Asia. It, however, is a part of the EU. This, therefore, makes it a country in Europe. There are 12 major universities in Cyprus and these universities attend to the academic needs of over 6, 000 international students. The quality of education in Cyprus is great. In addition to this, university education in Cyprus is also affordable.

The amount that international students in Cyprus have to pay is a lot dependent on the University and the type of degree. All things being equal, international undergraduate students in Cyprus pay less than 3500 Euros annually. This is with the exception of pharmacy. Tuition fee is even less for postgraduate students as they have to pay between 2000 to 2500 Euros annually.


Lithuania is a European country that is popular for the quality of education it offers. This country does not just provide good quality education, it also offers its visitors a good standard of living at a low cost.

Lithuania receives more than 3,000 international students annually and has more than 15 higher institutions to accommodate them

Study in Turkey

The quality of education in Turkey is high and can be compared to that of any country in any part of the world. While studying in Turkey as an international student, you can choose to have your classes in the official language of Turkey or in English.

The tuition fee for international students in Turkey is dependent on the type of institution and course of study. Privately funded universities and known to be more expensive than publicly funded universities International students studying in state universities in Turkey can pay a tuition fee of about 600 dollars per annum.

Study in Belgium

Belgium might not be one of the most famous countries in Europe, it, however, is a great place for international students to study. The capital city of Belgium, Brussels, alongside other major cities in Belgium host universities where international students can study without parting with so much money. That’s not all. In addition to the cheap tuition fee that is paid in universities in Belgium, cities in Belgium are not financially demanding for international students. Although the cost of living in Brussels and other cities in Belgium is low, the standard of living is high.

With a tuition fee of $1,500 annually, international students can get good quality education in Belgium. Some of the universities where these students can apply to are Université Libre DE capital of BELGIUM (ULB), Vrije Universitei Brussel (VUB) and University in Leuven, Belgium.

Study in Italy

With an average tuition fee of $1000, international students can get top quality education in Italy. There are lots of Italian universities that are open to international students and do not charge a fortune. In addition to the low tuition fees that international students that are interested in studying in Italy have to pay, universities in Italy make accommodation available at very affordable prices.

While the standard of education in Italy is generally high, there are certain courses that are best studied in Italian universities.  These courses cover areas such as humanities, history, and fashion.

If you are interested in attending a university in Italy as an international student, some of the universities you should apply to include; Universitu of Roma La Sapienza, University of Rome Tor Vergata, technical school University of Milano, University of Bologna, etc.

Study in Hungary

As an international student that is looking to study in Europe, one country you should put into consideration is Hungary. In Hungary, not only is university tuition very affordable, the standard of education is high and the cost of living is not high. The average tuition fee in universities in Hungary is $1000.

Although the fact that university tuition fees in Hungary is affordable is very good news to international student, it does not end at that. There are lots of scholarship slots available to international students that are interested in studying in Hungary. The implication of this is even if you do not have the funds to attend any university in Hungary, you can apply for one of the scholarship packages that are available to international students.

Some of the universities in Hungary that international students can apply to include; Eötvös Loránd University, University of Szeged, University of Debrecen, and Corvinus University of capital of Hungary.



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