8 Fast track online degrees 

Accelerated online bachelor degree programs have become popular and reliable alternatives to brick-and-mortar education options, and for all the right reasons. Adult learners often require educational programs that accommodate their family responsibilities and careers. Fast track online degrees allow students to participate in degree programs that are not only convenient but also allow them to complete their coursework within the shortest time possible.

What is the fastest and easiest degree to get?

Often students focus on Business Administration, Psychology, or Education degrees for the fastest degrees; however, General Studies, English, and Communications may be considered some of the easiest, along with Psychology. Locating a fast and easy program may be a challenge.

Can I get a bachelor’s degree online in 2 years?

Accelerated online degrees can be completed in as little as two years, as opposed to four! Determination and focus are necessary to stay on track in these programs in order to accomplish all the requirements since they still retain a high standard of excellence.

Will an employer frown upon an online accelerated degree program?

Accelerated degree programs are great to get you out into the workforce fast. If your degree comes from a reputable school, it should not be an issue that you earned it fast. In fact, with the extra dedication required in a fast-paced program, your employer may be very impressed with your accomplishment!

Fast Online Degree Options

1. RN – BSN Nursing Degree

If you are already a Registered Nurse, you may eventually like to consider earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. If you intend to broaden your career opportunities, as well as earn additional money, earning your BSN degree is an excellent choice.


In addition, some states are urging all Registered Nurses to obtain the degree, allowing them to provide a more comprehensive healthcare plan to their patients, such as needed in Nurse Management and Leadership, Clinical and Scientific Decision Making, along with Patient Psychology, and much more; all designed to reduce patient mortality. Some schools offer accelerated degree programs that can be completed in less than a year. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Approximately upwards of $75,330 or more annually, depending on job location and experience
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 7% between 2019 – 2029

2. Business Administration

Earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile degrees one can earn as a business professional. All types of careers prefer or require a BBA degree. If you are looking for career advancement, a significant pay raise, or to simply streamline your skills, earning this impressive degree is recommended.

With a BBA, you may obtain employment as a Business Administrator, Financial Analyst, Sales Manager or Human Resource Manager, and much more. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Varies greatly depending on position; approximately between $98,890 – $113,300 or more annually
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 6% between 2019 – 2029

3. Criminal Justice

Can I expect to find the fastest criminal justice degree online? Possibly. With online schooling allowing for the student to work at their own pace, an accelerated format might be what’s perfect for you. Accelerated classwork in a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program is designed primarily for those who are currently working as a sworn officer.

You can expect to gain a broader look into the legal system and social justice. Possible job opportunities with your online Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree may include FBI Agent, Private Investigator, Corrections Officer, Police Officer, or ICE Agent, to name a few. Master’s degrees in this field are also available at an accelerated pace. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Approximately $74,740 to upwards of $135,530 per year, depending on career, experience and job location
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 2.6% between 2019 – 2029

4. Radiologic Sciences

To provide your patients with optimum care, earning an online Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Sciences is ideal for those who have minimal experience in the field as an entry-level radiographer. If you would like to increase your career options, your B.S.R.S. degree can catapult you into a career in leadership, administration, or education. Through some school programs, a B.S.R.S. degree can be earned within a year. Check out these facts: 

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Approximately $63,710 per year, with the upper 10% earning upwards of $99,180 annually
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 7% between 2019 – 2029

5. Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies

Let’s be honest …life happens and sometimes, intentions of earning a bachelor’s degree are interrupted by any number of events. The good news is that you can complete your education through an accelerated undergraduate completion degree program. Earning your online Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies degree can be obtained in less than three years.

Many types of employers appreciate the versatility of a liberal arts degree, which focuses on social sciences, humanities, as well as computer science, and contemporary liberal arts. A degree in this field will land you a career as a Journalist, Manager, in Ministry, Policy Analyst, Reporter, or Social Worker, to name a few options. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Varies greatly depending on career; can range widely from between $49,300 per year for a Reporter to $125,350 annually for a Political Analyst
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: Around 6% between 2019 – 2029

6. Computer Information Systems

As the world of technology continues to evolve daily, rest assured a career in the field of computers, in any capacity, will continue to be quite lucrative. Through an accelerated online Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Information Technology, you can expect to obtain knowledge and gain problem-solving skills needed to succeed in creating a website application, computer hardware, databases, as well as all other things computer-related.

This degree can be achieved in as little as 30 months. Job opportunities consist of Computer System Analysts, Computer Programmers, Computer and Information Research Scientist or Computer Network Architect, to name a few. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: $151,150, depending on career, experience, and job location
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 10% between 2019 – 2029

7. Early Childhood Studies

A degree completion program in Early Childhood Studies can be obtained through an online accelerated Bachelor of Science program. This option is designed to teach current childcare professionals or those who are interested in a career in this field the opportunity to improve upon their skills as it relates to childcare.

With an online Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies degree, graduates are prepared to work in leadership positions in a daycare, preschool, or Headstart settings. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: Approximately $49,160 annually for Daycare Directors; $60,810 per year for Elementary or Middle School Educators
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 4% between 2019 – 2029

8. Organizational Leadership

Do you have a desire to be in a leadership or management position? If so, you can earn an accelerated online Bachelor of Organizational Development and Leadership degree to enhance your skills. Designed for working adults, this program is ideal for sharpening your Corporate Communication, Human Resources, and Computer Science skills.

You will also specialize in Psychology, Behavioral Science, and Sociology. Upon graduation, you will be prepared for a position as a Human Resources Manager, or perhaps, a Training or Development Manager, among other authoritative positions. Check out these facts:

  • Expected Salary with Degree: $115,640, depending on experience and job location
  • Can be Completed Online: Yes
  • Projected Job Growth Rate: 7% between 2019 – 2029



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