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3 Best Places To Study Abroad

Fortunately, the once elusive double rainbow combination of study abroad and work abroad programs seek creative ways to improve your skills and finances while living abroad. Becoming more common as an ambitious student (or finding a unique opportunity to study abroad freely-or a lower cost to you). So is it possible to work abroad while studying abroad? Damn yes-in some places.

Working abroad is not only a way to fill the treasure chest as you run through your study abroad area, but also a way to gain valuable career experience that stands out in future job interviews (and perhaps even redirecting overseas epilogues). You can) Adventure). .. Take a tour of Epcot at work and experience studying abroad in these seven magical places.

Magical Places to Work and Study Abroad

1. United Kingdom

Home of the Lochness Monster and Harry Potter himself, the United Kingdom and its historic landscape of universities has been emanating magic for centuries. The Great British Pound (GBP) might be powerful, but with a 20-hour part-time job and a little guidance from Merlin the Wizard, you’ll pull the sword from the stone and conquer your work and study program in EnglandScotlandWales, or Northern Ireland.

2. Spain

Whether your idea of a love potion involves the perfect combination of flavors in sangria or paella, and experience to work and study in Spain is bound to make you swoon. Slowly coming out of the recession, the warmth of the Iberian Peninsula will immerse you in a professional and personal growth experience full of the perfect combination of mid-afternoon siestas and late-night tapas with your colleagues. 

3. Germany

Did you know that Germany has some of the most beautiful fairytale castles in the world? It’s no wonder that Walt Disney got his inspiration for his iconic Disney World castle from Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle. Beyond the picturesque backdrop of this work and study abroad destination, Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe and is a magnet for international students and employees who are attracted to its dynamic and innovative economy. 




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