2022 Easiest Online Degree Majors with Good Prospects

Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular with around 33 percent of all college students currently taking at least one class online. Another recent survey showed that one-third of all students will eventually be taking all of their classes online, giving themselves the flexibility of being able to learn from home or even from the corner coffee shop. There’s never been a better time to consider earning a degree from one of the best online colleges.

Easiest Online Degree Majors with Good Prospects

While nearly any type of degree can be earned at least partially online these days, some majors are particularly suited for this style of learning. Students interested in these bachelor’s degree programs will notice several distinguishing features.

All offer extreme flexibility, can be completed entirely online and provide many future opportunities for career paths and ultimate career growth. In addition, they typically help students land jobs immediately upon graduation in growing sectors of the workforce.

1. Computer Science

Computer science remains as one of the most popular degrees to be earned online as well as one of the fastest to be completed from the comfort of one’s home. After all, this degree looks at how computer and online technologies are used in everyday life. Therefore, it makes sense that this degree could be completed entirely online.

With this degree, students can go on to many fulfilling and exciting careers in computer repair and technology, information technology, software engineering and network communications. The degree is similar to but not entirely the same as a degree in information technology because IT classes also look at the business aspect of computer needs.


2. Business Administration

Not only is business administration one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees to receive online, but also it is one of the most popular. Much like a liberal arts degree, a business degree opens up a wide variety of possible job options.

However, they will all be based in the business world and could include upper management, human resources, health services management, marketing and much more. Many students choose to hone in on one particular aspect of business with a concentration in a particular field, such as health care, finance or communications.

3. Nursing

Although most people would not think of a bachelor’s degree in nursing as being an easy degree, it is surprisingly easy to get online these days. All of the lecture-style courses can be done completely online, and nearly all schools allow students to get their hands-on courses, such as clinicals and preceptorships, completed at any area health care facility. Therefore, as long as students live near a hospital or skilled nursing facility, they can complete their coursework without heading to campus.

4. Communications

A bachelor’s degree in communications allows students to focus on both their writing and their speaking abilities, making this a multi-faceted major with many future possibilities. Students will take classes in intercultural communication, public speaking, media writing, digital media and ethics.

Towards the end of their 120 credit hours, students can also choose a concentration, such as in marketing, journalism, film production or public relations. Upon graduation, they will go on to a wide variety of fields that are in high demand across the country and around the world.

5. Marketing

Marketing is another easy degree to obtain online because it works with one’s natural creativity and includes many fun courses rather than more difficult science-based courses. However, students will need to have good mathematics skills because data analysis is a huge component of success in this field. Classes will also include simple business-based courses. Students enjoy learning about consumer behavior, creating advertising campaigns and using market research statistics to plan long-term gains.

Two of the most popular and fastest-growing jobs for communication majors are advertising management and marketing management. These jobs often pay well over $100,000 by mid-career. By 2026, they are expected to grow by 10 percent with over 23,000 jobs added. 

The Easiest Online Degrees Still Take Effort

Students should remember that although each of these online degree majors is listed as being easy, they will still need to put in plenty of effort to succeed in their goals. Any major requires diligence in completing the work and in putting in the time for listening to lectures, reaching out to teachers and studying for tests.

However, the beauty of these degrees is that they can easily be completed online, typically in shorter-than-usual periods. Plus, each one is designed to get students ready for exciting and fulfilling futures.



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