15 Fast Online Degree in Uk

Do you want to earn your bachelor’s degree online quickly? This degree guide can assist you! You may complete your college degree online in a short amount of time if you take fast track programs. The fastest online degree programs offer classes that are only 8 weeks long, whereas campus-based degree programs are normally 16 weeks long. That saves you half the time!

Why waste time in class when you can acquire your bachelor’s degree online in less time? See how you can finish your degree faster with our short degree program guide!

1. Accounting Degrees Online

Every business needs an accounting team or at least a go-to accountant who can sort out the numbers and pay vendors on-time. For those who want to work with money and help companies spot opportunities and problems, an accounting degree could be the top online program for you.

Companies are always looking for individuals who can fastidiously analyze data and solve even the toughest financial challenges. With an online bachelor’s degree in accounting, you could quickly move into any graduate business degree, allowing you to become a successful CFO in the future.

These degree programs involve classes in income taxation, auditing, ethics, data analysis, profit and loss, economics, regulatory laws, and many other degree courses around financial fundamentals.


In the end, you can easily set yourself up to pass the CPA exam and became a certified accountant or auditor. You’ll need at least 120 credit hours at an accredited university.

Online degree programs in accounting are best for those who have great time managerial skills and can easily work on problems on their own, but any accounting online program worth its salt will have collaboration and online meeting capabilities.

2. Business Degrees Online

Entrepreneurs, marketing majors, and soon-to-be business executives typically get their start with a business administration degree. Online baccalaureate degree programs in business administration challenge students to be analytical decision-makers who can turn problems around with creative solutions.

Online business programs are quickly becoming one of the most popular degree choices among students. In fact, 6 million American workers currently have an undergraduate degree in business.

An online bachelor’s in business can help turn you into a business leader, whether you decide to get into business, marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, finance, or technology. It’s simply a versatile online degree that can help with multiple fields of study.

One major benefit of this online degree program is that you can keep your job full-time and quickly earn a degree that could bump up your salary to $71,000, which is the average for those who hold a business degree.

3. Computer Science Degrees Online

For those who want to quickly get into a technology field, computer science online degree programs may be one of the best ways to go. Forbes actually reported that computer science graduates go on to make the most right out of college with an average of $59,000 per year.

In this fast, digital landscape, individuals with an online tech degree can work in a variety of fields, including web development, software engineering, information technology, or cybersecurity. In addition, technology jobs are in high demand, meaning that you will likely be able to find a job quickly depending on what you specialize in.

The best online computer science degree programs allow you to pick tracks that are popular in today’s ravenous tech fields, such as web development, network security, network administration, cloud computing, database management, data analysis, and other web sciences.

Typical online computer science degree programs can be tailored to the programming language you want to learn or the skill that you’ll need to succeed in a particular field of technology, preparing you for graduate school or the workforce. It’s one of the best fast degrees online to go for if you want to work in technology and earn a high salary quickly.

4. Criminal Justice Degrees Online

When you study criminal justice, there are a world of opportunities in legal fields, law enforcement, psychology, and cybersecurity. Online degree programs are so diverse that many programs allow you to specialize in studies that quickly prep you for a number of in-demand careers after graduation.

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field that needs more people who understand technology, software, data analysis, and coding. If you have a slight love for computer science or information technology, this online degree can take you extremely far in law enforcement, including positions at the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

For those interested in these fast degrees online, you’ll be happy to note that the average salary after graduation is $58,000 with the highest paid earners being detectives and criminal investigators who make about $70,000 per year. Not too shabby when you can get your degree quickly online!

5. Education Online Degrees

If you want to be a teacher, an elementary education degree is a great place to start, and it’s one of the top majors currently in-demand. In addition, those who earn this online degree are more than likely to become mentors, role models, and coaches for the next generation.

For those who love to motivate and teach others, this could be the right field for you, and it’s easy to earn this degree online quickly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported fast growth with 250,000 new teaching jobs available by next year. Special education and English teachers are in high demand, as there is a particular shortage in this degree concentration.

Online bachelor degree programs for education will usually provide courses to help you pass the certification exam to get your license. The best online degrees for education include programs that help with instruction planning, new technologies for the classroom, and theories on different learning styles.

6. Emergency Management Online Degrees

Emergency management is often listed under a public administration degree. However, earning a bachelor’s degree in emergency management could be useful if you plan to work in government, community, or medical-related fields.

Students earning fast degrees online in this field will learn project leadership, communication skills, social skills, civil rights and ethical leadership, hazard planning and preparedness, and human resources.

7. English Online Degrees

While it may seem like a broad degree, online English degree programs allow you to explore literature, learn creative writing, study philosophy, and even learn about films and screenwriting.

There are so many ways to use an English degree professionally as well. It can even be a fast track into law school because English degrees require a great deal of writing.

Students who want to earn an English degree online can quickly go into a variety of fields. Some go into digital marketing because of their copywriting abilities and strategy skills, and others go into journalism or web content creation. You can become a teacher, a social media manager, a foreign language teacher, or even a novelist.

What you do with your English degree is up to you, but it’s a great starting point for a master’s degree or law degree. Reports show that most English majors go on to earn degrees in education, law, and literature.

Since there are hundreds of online degrees out there, it’s important to pick one with official accreditation and course of study that will bring you success quickly after graduation.

8. Environmental Policy Online Degrees

Environmental policy degrees focus on the relationship between private and public agencies involving protecting society and the environment.

Quick online degrees in this field have courses related to sustainability and facing environmental challenges. These degree programs typically require 120 credits depending on the university and the specialization that you select.

Online environmental policy degrees prepare you for research and leadership positions, where you’ll be required to know methods and tools related to analyzing information and data. You’ll also learn theories, principles, and concepts related to environmental leadership, policy, and global disasters.

Careers in this field typically place students in environmental protection positions or other scientific fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental policymakers are in demand, and there are almost 90,000 jobs available in this field.

The average pay for those in this field goes up to $71,000. Most undergraduates will need to get into a master’s degree program in environmental science or environmental law.

9. Finance Degrees Online

Every business needs those who are skilled in finance, including accountants, planners, analysts, and managers. Online finance degree programs give you some leeway in specializing for the career you want, but all business degree students learn the same basic business core curriculum before specializing in a given field.

Coursework for these fast online degrees takes students through accounting courses, investments, financial planning, corporate finance, business analysis, and related accounting tools, such as Microsoft Excel.

The top graduates in these degree programs can go into incredibly lucrative careers, and if you earn an MBA, you could even become an executive or CFO. When choosing an online degree in the finance field, you should pick a university that has ties to a great business college so that you can access award-winning professors and coursework.

10. Fire Science Degrees Online

Firefighters go into fire science online degrees to jump into higher positions and earn larger salaries. A bachelor’s degree in fire science allows you to learn about emergency management, hazard detection, and coordinated response.

It’s also about learning the new technology related to fire prevention and suppression. Firefighters work closely with law enforcement, so you’ll have courses in legal studies and investigation as well.

The main coursework in this fast degree program pertains to emergency service response. Graduates are able to go into fire inspection and firefighting with a fire science degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects that this job will continue to grow.

If you are interested in working in the public sector and want to help law enforcement, firefighting and investigation are great ways to go.

You’ll be able to earn an average salary of $50,000, but you can earn more as a fire inspector or fire investigator. There are also specializations in forest fire management and emergency medical technicians, or paramedics.

11. Forensics / CSI Degrees Online

Have you ever wanted to work a crime scene? Do you like working on puzzles? Do you have an analytical personality? Working in forensics and crime scene investigation may be the right path for you. This bachelor of science degree in forensics can also take you into cybersecurity and network defense as well, depending on your specialization.

Lab technicians who earn this online degree can earn around $56,000 a year at first, but as you grow and gain experience, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that you could earn up to $75,000 a year.

Along with your coursework in crime science investigation, forensics, ballistics, chemistry, and criminal justice, degree courses may also take you through cyber-criminal cases, psychology, and legal studies.

For those who want to use their forensics degree to go into CSI or law enforcement, it’s important to maintain a high GPA and get certified upon graduation, which may require additional coursework and a master’s degree in criminal justice. Many jobs related to cybersecurity and hacking are also in demand.

12. Health Science Degrees Online

Online health science degrees are perfect for those who want a career in the healthcare field.

While you can use your bachelor degree to get ahead in both clinical and non-clinical settings, most bachelor degree earners go on to master’s programs for occupational therapy, chiropractor studies, healthcare informatics, athletics, nursing, and other healthcare roles.

Since the rise of technology, many health sciences degrees have popped up with tracks that can take you into becoming a surgical technician or a paramedic, but the most popular is occupational therapy, physical therapy, and radiation therapy.

These are specialized fields that may require additional study and certification after earning your bachelor degree.

Jobs have increased quickly in this field as more therapists and administrators are needed to meet growing demand. In the medical and health service managerial role, graduates can earn up to $96,000 a year, but occupational therapists often find their jobs more rewarding and make an average of $80,000 per year.

13. Healthcare Administration Degrees Online

The medical field has always needed skilled doctors and nurses to take care of patients, but there are a number of jobs available for administrators and managers in healthcare. With new technology, the field has expanded even more requiring new specialists and skills for the latest medical advancements.

Health Administration online degrees are for those who want to work in the medical field on the business side. You may work in hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, nursing homes, and other medical locations.

These fast degrees walk students through accounting, leadership positions, finance, economics, and ethics. You may also take courses related to laws and liability handling for hospitals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 70,000 new jobs would be available by 2020. Most entry-level healthcare administrators earn around $40,000, but your salary increases after a few years.

14. Human Services Degrees Online

Online human service degrees mainly center around social work and community services, such as administrative roles and criminal justice positions.

Social work is one of the 10 majors that can help change the world, and many in this field take on these roles because they want to make the world better. The curriculum focuses on ethics, research, and theory.

Students are able to specialize in social and community advocacy, including global health services, public health needs, criminal justice, intervention, and family guidance.

These fast online degree programs also can be used to go into many other fields of study at the graduate level, including healthcare, psychology, political leadership, education, and law.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an increase by 2020 for jobs in social work. These services are also necessary to help the aging population in America, as well as a new rise in drug addiction treatment needs.

The average salary for human service graduates ranges from $33,000 to start up to $82,000 for administrators in medical offices and nursing homes.

15. Information Technology Degrees Online

The IT field is quickly expanding. While it used to be a role for network administrators and computer engineers, it now includes web developers and even web designers.

The information technology field is quite broad, so it’s important to pick a specific online degree that is perfect for your interests. For example, if you’re interested in programming, then you would want to select software development or a programming specialization.

You can also go into a STEM field rather quickly using an information technology degree. The most popular jobs include network and computer systems administrators, computer network specialists, data analysts, database administrators, and cybersecurity specialists.

The average salary for someone in IT is $80,000 per year. While tech jobs are expected to grow fast, you should pay close attention to new technologies and look for internships that help you learn in real situations, too.



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