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14 Leading International Universities With Cheap Tuition

Most overseas students require financial assistance, and several colleges have reduced their tuition fees to meet this demand. The world’s cheapest institutions for international students will include both those with cheaper tuition and those with excellent scholarships for international students.

Some colleges may charge reduced tuition simply due to their location, while others may charge lower tuition because they can afford to provide a high-quality education to overseas students. Let’s look at all of the colleges throughout the world that provide low-cost education.

1. Brandon University

Even though Canada does not offer free tuition to its students, the tuition fee for Brandon University is one of the most affordable colleges in the country. The tuition is under $10,000, but the cost may change by the number of classes that you are taking, and which meal plan and living plan that you choose.

One of the cheapest universities for international students, Brandon University’s cost estimator is in this link, and you also received the benefits of great nature and sightseeing opportunities in Canada.

2. CMU (Canadian Mennonite University)

Offering a Christian education, CMU also offers affordable prices for their great education. The tuition fee for average international students is about $10,000 for each semester, but you can also receive scholarships that can cover the fee.


3. Royal Agricultural University

Located in the United Kingdom, Royal Agricultural University is one of the leading universities in their fields of research. Known for its agricultural greatness, this University offers a great education, and low tuition compared to other universities in England.

This is the tuition link, and the tuition fee for the international student is $12,000.

4. Bucks New University

One of the cheapest universities for international students, Bucks New University offers similar tuition rates as Royal Agricultural University, but it offers peculiar courses such as aviation and courses for police officers. Offering a great nursing program, Bucks New University also offers music management courses.

This is the tuition link, and tuition fees in the United Kingdom are more expensive than in other countries, so do your research before settling in for a university.

5. University of Central Arkansas

Having a small student-to-faculty ratio, the University of Central Arkansas is another one of the cheapest universities in the world that offers low tuition to international students. The tuition rate for an average international student can be calculated by a tuition fee calculator, and the tuition fee for an international student is about $9,000.

This is the link to the tuition fee calculator of the University of Central Arkansas.

6. De Anza College

Also known as the stepping stone college, De Anza College is the top-transfer college to famous four-year universities. It offers a low tuition rate of $8,500, but the living costs are not included.

One of the cheapest universities for international students, De Anza’s tuition fee is shown in this tuition link.

7. University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is an excellent university located in Belgium. It is ranked in the top 200th universities in the world, which means that it has one of the best programs out there. Also, the tuition fees are very affordable.

To see the tuition fees on the official website, visit this link.

8. Hasselt University

Hasselt University is a relatively new university founded in the last century and is one of the cheapest universities in the world for international students. It is ranked 56th in the Young University Rankings published by THE Rankings. So, you can expect that this university is quite good at what they are doing.

To see the tuition fees, visit this link.

9. University of Burgundy

The University of Burgundy is a great university located in Dijon. It was established in 1722 and had hundreds of thousands of students coming in and out through its doors. Among its famous alumni, there are famous mathematicians, philosophers, and former Presidents. You will be glad to hear that the tuition fees at this university are only $200 per year, which is for student fees.

To view the tuition fees for international students, visit this link!

10. University of Nantes

The University of Nantes is one of the cheapest universities in the world for international students. International students need to pay only $200 per year to study at this great institution.

To view the tuition fees at the official website, visit this link.

11. University of Oulu

Also ranked in one of the top universities in Finland and the world, the University of Oulu is known for its science and technology. Although it does not offer free tuition like Norway, the University of Oulu offers a tuition rate of $12,000.

To see all the tuition rates for different majors, please visit this link.

12. University of Turku

Offering a variety of master’s programs, the University of Turku offers many great programs in nursing, science, and law.

The tuition rate for international students depends on your major, and if you want to view the information, please visit this link.

13. Pusan National University

Funded by the government, Pusan National University offers many courses such as medicine, engineering, law, and all sorts of majors and programs both to undergraduate and to graduate.

It offers astonishingly low tuition under $4,000, and you can find more information about low tuition at this link.

14. Kangwon National University

Also another top university in the nation, Kangwon National University offers low tuition to international students since the university is funded by the government. Offering additional programs such as veterinary medicine and IT, the KNU is a great place to study.



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