10 Fastest Accelerated Online Degree

In a conventional school setting, it takes four years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree. By pursuing an accelerated bachelor’s degree online you can cut that time down to as little as 12 months, depending on your course of study.

There are few paths to success that offer as many benefits and opportunities as these rapidly-paced programs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten fastest schools in America to offer online bachelor’s degrees.

5 Fastest Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

1. Mercy College

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management

Time to complete: 12 months

Cost: $89,760



At Mercy College, you can earn your Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in just one year. Throughout this course, students learn to evaluate ethical business issues, as well as how to construct and present information to other employees in the best manner.

Curricula centers on global economic issues and how they pertain to individual companies while also providing comprehensive team leadership training. While we haven’t been able to find a 6-month bachelor’s degree online, Mercy College offers one of the best, accelerated bachelor’s degree programs online. Earn your bachelor degree in 12 months at Mercy College.

2. California Baptist University

Degree(s): B.S. in Public HealthB.S. in Computer Information Technology, B.S. in Criminal Justice, 20+ additional accelerated programs (information below)

Time to complete: varies by degree

Cost: varies by degree


CBU offers accelerated online BA degrees in about twenty different fields, a few of which include accounting, public health, criminal justice, and computer information technology–just to name a few. The time to complete these accelerated bachelor’s programs varies by subject.

For example, you can earn your accounting degree in as little as 36 months. However, it will only take roughly 16 months to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. For computer information technology and criminal justice, the degree programs also take about 16 months to complete.

3. Northeastern University

Degree(s): Multiple Accelerated Programs

Time to complete: 18 months

Cost: $43,200


Northeastern University is another school that offers several majors through its accelerated, online system. Of course, the time it takes to complete one of the programs depends largely on the subject itself. For example, it takes about 18 months to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Management, through which you will learn how to handle legal issues, financial procedures and much more pertaining to health services management.

Within the Bachelor of Science in Analytics program, however, you’ll undertake communications projects, master data analysis tools, and cultivate some core statistics skills. All in all, Northeastern University is a top-tier institution through which to pursue your academic goals.

4. Rasmussen College

Degree(s): Multiple Accelerated Programs

Time to complete: 18 months

Cost: $25,554


Rasmussen College is another college that offers many different majors to those students looking to receive a bachelor’s degree. Different majors also take different amounts of time, but the majority take only about 18 months to complete. For example, the Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness helps students further their careers working in hospitals, doctor’s offices, health insurance, or any other health-related profession in the field. Rasmussen’s online bachelor’s degree programs are some of the most fully-comprehensive, easily-accessible programs of their kind.

5. Gwynedd Mercy University

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Time to complete: 22 months, 24 Months

Cost: $29,235


Gwynedd Mercy University is a prestigious institution, as attested to by its large number of graduates. This school offers two accelerated online courses for those looking to earn a bachelor’s degree. In only about 22 months, you can complete the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, with a concentration in organizational management, or a 24-month Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Both programs will equip you with the skills necessary to advance both academically and professionally.

5 Fastest Accelerated Online Associate’s Degree Programs

In a traditional college setting, it takes approximately two years to earn an associate’s degree. However, by participating in an accelerated online program, you can earn the same degree in as little as 12 months.

6. Ivy Tech Community College

Degree(s): Associate of General Studies

Time to complete: 11 months

Cost: $8,973


Ivy Tech Community College is a leading institution that offers an Associate of General Studies program in an online, accelerated format. The four-semester, 60 credit curriculum covers topics such as communications, public speaking, mathematics, biology, chemistry, art, psychology, and so much more. Ivy Tech is also renowned for its virtual accessibility and flexible transfer policies. Although the coursework is relatively rigorous, the outcome is infinitely rewarding.

7. Purdue Global University

Degree(s): Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

Time to complete: 12 months (10-week terms)

Cost: $371 per credit


Purdue Global University, once known as Kaplan U, offers a fast degree online that will allow you to earn your Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science in as little as one year. In this accelerated program, you’ll gain proficiency in fire codes and inspections, and will develop skills in firefighting and prevention.

The online associate degree is designed specifically for those looking to become a firefighter or pursue a profession that enables them to assist in emergency situations involving fire. Purdue Global also offers a variety of other accelerated online degrees, including a 15-month Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting certificate program.

8. Herzing University

Degree(s): Associate of Healthcare Administration

Time to complete: 16 months

Cost: $14,200


Herzing University is a place where students have the opportunity to develop real-world skills in a safe, convenient learning format. The Associate of Healthcare Administration is designed to prepare ambitious individuals for entry-level positions within the healthcare field. It’s a fast-tracked, easily-accessible path to real-world career success, and takes only 16 months to complete. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, fully-comprehensive degree program within the healthcare field, look no further.

9. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Degree(s): Associate in Arts

Time to complete: 18 months

Cost: $6,293


If you haven’t decided which career path you’d like to take, you can earn an Associate in Arts at FSCJ in as little as 18 months, depending on which college credits you already have and how they transfer. In this accelerated online degree program, curricula cover many varying fields, including science, economics, psychology, humanities, and more. For students aiming to continue their education without an exact idea of where they want to take it, this school is a great jumping-off point.

10. Florida Institute of Technology

Degree(s): Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting

Time to complete: 20 months

Cost: $32,640


The Florida Institute of Technology offers an online associate degree program in accounting, which can be earned in as little as 20 months through an accelerated, online curriculum. Over the course of these classes, students learn how to process financial statements, manage payroll administration, and become familiar with accounting roles. Florida Institute students are able to see how accounting plays into daily business decisions, global operations, and so much more.



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